Lists Of Posts By Category

A number of readers have asked me to create a list of posts by category.  At this point, I have 117 197 posts but some of them are 7QTs Friday posts.  The list below does not include 7QTs Friday posts.  This list gives you an opportunity to search for relevant posts by category and series.  As I publish new posts, I will add them to this list (for real starting now).

God love and bless you!  Cindy

(new)  added 8/9/14

The ‘Stop’ Series

Stop Sleeping With Him

Stop Chasing Him  (the most popular post of all)

Stop Thinking Your Expectations Are Too High

Stop Responding To Lame and Inconsistent Initiation 

Our Beautiful Feminine Souls

Dear College Self (new)

How To Say ‘No’ To Him    (new)

Truth Is Written On Our Hearts    (new)

A Sacramental Life In Christ

Friending Limits

Should Women Pursue Men?

Modesty Discovered

Emotional Chastity

He Will Rule Over You

Dear Teenage Girl

Merge Your Body And Soul

It Was So Easy!

Hard But Not Impossible

Miss Angst

Olympic Champions Need Birth Control?  Really?


It Only Takes One    (new)

You Are Enough     (new) 

You May Be Imaginining It     (new)

It Is Not Your Imagination    (new)

Overanalyzing Your Singleness    (new)

Dear Sweet Frustrated Friend


Endless Circles

There Is No Formula

Dear God: What do you want from me?

‘Not The One’ Series

Is He The One?

He Is Not The One

But Not Enough

But Not Enough ~ Continued

I Knew


The Danger Of Fixing It Later    (new)

Initiating Contact Online     (new)

Give Him 3 Dates     (new)

Dating Non-Strategically     (new)

What To Do When He Stalls     (new)

I Am Seeing A Trend (texting!)    (new)

Texting Response Advice     (new)

Fantasy Relationships

Was He My Last Chance?

Your Smile Is Like Honey

Self-Containment ~ Explained

The 3-Date Rule

Mr. On-line Man

Are You A Priority Or Just An Option?

She Was Just An Option    (new)

Are You Just An Option?  Red Flags To Know    (new)


Praying For Your Husband

Does God Arrange Marriages?

Sexual Attraction

Equally Yoked

Our Catholic Love Story

Our Catholic Love Story, Part 2

Happy Wife, Happy Husband

Inside Scoop On Men


Is He Just Practicing?

Do Men Need Help?

A Man’s Perspective on ‘Attraction’

The Chase

7 Myths Singles Must Resist Series

7 Myths Singles Must Resist: Setting the Stage

7 Myths Singles Must Resist: Myth #1 Others Are Getting Away With Sin

7 Myths Singles Must Resist: Myth #2 God Has Forgotten About Me

7 Myths Singles Must Resist: Myth #2 Part 2 God Has Forgotten About Me

7 Myths Singles Must Resist: Myth #3 Something Is Wrong With Me

7 Myths Singles Must Resist: Myth #4 Men/Women Are Defective

7 Myths Singles Must Resist: Myth #5 Attraction Is Physical

7 Myths Singles Must Resist: Myth #6 I Am Too Picky (to be published)

7 Myths Singles Must Resist: Myth #7 I Can Change Him/Her (to be published)

Dear Cindy Series

Dear Cindy ~ Stay Vigilant!    (new)

Dear Cindy ~ My Daydreaming Mind

Dear Cindy ~ Discouraged and Tempted

Dear Cindy ~ My Friend Says Her Friend Likes Me

Guest Posts

Antonio and Maria ~ Guest Post by my mom!    (new)

Love in DRC ~ Kate’s Mission Trip    (new) 

The Veil of Chastity Interviews Marcus Guevara    (new)

Thank You For Breaking My Heart ~ Repost from Worthy Of Agape    (new)

Beautiful Conversion Story    (new)

Guard Your Heart ~ Guest Post by Esther Rich    (new)

Where Would I Be Without The Veil? ~ Guest Post by Pier Lefebvres    (new)

Wisdom and Hope in a Secular World ~ Guest Post by Britt

Envy and Singlehood ~ A Guest Post by Britt

The World’s Way ~ Guest Post

The Wisdom of Chastity ~ A Guest Post by Morgan

Guest Blogger ~ Amanda Mortus!

Friending ~ A Guest Post by Allie Millette

Guest Post ~ To Have a Friend…

The Veil of Chastity Interviews Blogger Amanda Mortus

Book and Movie Reviews

These Beautiful Bones ~ By Emily Stimpson    (new)

My First Movie Review

Book Review:  Would You Date You?  Part 1

Book Review:  Would You Date You?  Part 2

Book Review:  Would You Date You?  Part 3