Why Is He Acting That Way?

If, by asking the question “Why is he acting that way?”, you want to know why he is acting an undesirable way, I think I can take a stab at answering it:  He can’t see you.  You are covered by a veil.  He is not the one that the Lord intends for you to marry.

It’s not you.  It is the veil! 

1)  In order for a man to act in a desirable way, you need to eliminate the powerfully-distorting drug called premarital sex ( fornication) and instead commit to chastity.

2)  In order for a man to act in a desirable way that gives you the reassurance you need, he needs to be the one the Lord intends for you to marry.  All others will leave you with feelings of doubt.

3)  In order for a man to act in a desirable way, Superabundance is required.

It is really that simple.

Undesirable behaviors include:  He doesn’t call (texting does not count) or make plans well in advance and is vague about the future.  Anything that makes you feel insecure angst can pretty much be described as undesirable.

Feel free to go the ask me page.  Let’s figure this out!

10 thoughts on “Why Is He Acting That Way?

  1. Maybe he can see you but he just doesn’t like you? There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you aren’t attractive to everyone you are attracted to. Turn the tables around and as yourself why you aren’t attracted to some men – its not some “veil” issue, its just because some men are unattractive to you!

  2. Hi there, I was just wondering if you can pray for me because I’ve pretty much reached the point where I’ve given up on God with regards to praying to Him to find me a good husband. I am 29 years old, and sadly but true ,I have never had a man in my entire life, just mainly crushes here and there that never went anywhere because the guy either didn’t want me or he just simply lost interest in me, but I have never ever kissed or slept with a man, I’m 100 percent virgin lol..and . It’s a been pretty tough and frustrating situation for me because I’m very close to turning 30 and marriage is something that my heart has been yearning since I was 15. I cannot begin to tell you how many prayers I have sent to the heavens, for every individual that I’ve crushed on, I prayed for each and every one of them, hoping that God would say yes, but till this day, his response remains a no. As each day passes by, I’m becoming more convinced that I’m just simply not meant to be with anyone, and that brings me great sadness and misery. I have read many blogs about how one should accept and embrace the single life but to tell you the truth, I don’t want to be single anymore. I’ve been single way too long, and although it can have it’s pros, I feel like it’s time to leave the single life before the white hairs and wrinkles start growing in.

    Please pray for me. Thank you.

    • Dear Alma,
      Yes, of course I will pray for you. I am sorry you are suffering. I am sorry that your prayers remain unanswered and that you are feeling doubtful that they will be answered. Thank you for your note and for visiting here. I have added you to my Divine Mercy Chaplet prayer list. God love you, Cindy

    • Even in the event that your beloved beholder does not show up, the Lord’s Peace and Supernatural Grace will be with you.

      I read this here in the website . I hope it encourages.

    • Hi Criostir: I am saying that God knows who that husband will be and will reveal it if we remain in His will. I am saying that unchaste behavior blinds us and that Chastity keeps us spiritually able to respond to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for visiting. I have added you to my Divine Mercy Chaplet prayer list. God bless, Cindy

  3. I feel like you can’t just broad brush that if a guy is acting in an undesirable way it means he is not meant to be your husband. Some guys just are not ready to take the next step and you need to be patient.

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