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The United States alone has 27 million single Catholics.  This site is dedicated to those singles and those around the world who are looking for wisdom and hope.  This is a place to share and learn about the virtue of chastity, the truth behind the virtue and why it leads to our happiness and peace.

Do you want to be married?  Do you want to follow God’s plan for your life?  This site promotes the beautiful and wise teaching of the virtue of Chastity, which is the key to remaining in God’s plan.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) #1658 says:

“…We must also remember the great number of single persons who, because of the particular circumstances in which they have to live – often not of their choosing – are especially close to Jesus’ heart and therefore deserve the special affection and active solicitude (concern/care) of the Church, especially of pastors…”

I agree with the CCC!  But, I want to do more than offer special affection and solicitude.  I want to offer the ‘why’ behind the teaching of the virtue of Chastity!

The teaching is universal and does not depend upon your age.  It is a life-long virtue whose benefits are tremendous.  Please go here for an explanation of Chastity.

If you would like to ask my advice on your specific situation, please go to the Ask Me page.

If you are feeling really brave, head on over to the Why Is He Acting That Way? page.

Along with the support provided on this site, I have written a soon to be published book which provides wisdom and hope for single girls.  My book is called The Veil.  Please go here for an explanation of the concept of The Veil .

If you are intrigued about my book, the concept of The Veil and/or the virtue of chastity, please sign up to receive my blog post automatically!  And, if you would please be so kind as to “Like” my facebook page, I would appreciate seeing you there also.

With affection, solicitude, wisdom and hope.

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