You Are Enough

you are enough

Maura Byrne from Made In His Image adds this tag line to all her blog posts:

P.S. You are enough

No matter what amazing topic I read on her site, that tag line is the most powerful to me.  It always takes my breath away.  I can see Maura’s sweet face and hear her gentle voice saying those words.

You Are Enough

I get emails from you girls asking what you can do to end the loneliness.  You are experiencing doubt and wondering if you are good enough to be loved.  The mounting rejection you experience is feeding those seeds of doubt.

You ask, “Is my prayer life ‘just right’?”  You wonder if God is somehow displeased with you and you have a nagging belief that He is withholding the blessing of marriage from you. You want to know how you can identify this perceived displeasure and how you can prove to God that you are worthy of this blessing?

The hard thing is that you can’t.  You cannot prove yourself worthy of any blessing.  Right now, as you are, you are enough for God and for your future husband.

Both are True

Given the above, we are still called to examine our lives and our relationship with God. The Holy Spirit nudges us to draw near to Him which requires our cooperation.

This post may seem to have two conflicting messages:  1.  You are enough and 2.  Are you doing enough?

The truth of the first message is challenged every day by the world.  You are assaulted with one comparison after another that leads you to believe that you are deficient and lacking in some way.  You are neither. You, even with your imperfections, are enough for God and for your future husband.

The truth of the second message can be misconstrued into the idea that we earn our blessings.  No, we cannot earn them but we can choose to orient our lives toward Him and do all that He commands.

All That God Commands

I am sweetly asking, “Are you doing all that He commands?”  Are you orienting your life towards Him or are you living life oriented towards yourself and then wondering why you don’t have peace?

Most of the emails I receive lead me to believe that you are orienting yourself towards God and walking in His will.  For those, my advice is always, “Continue what you are doing and wait upon the Lord.”

However, sometimes I am given the opportunity, although the girl is “enough”, to pinpoint an area or two where she may be outside the will of God.  This lack of orientation and sometimes lake of obedience, is causing the intense feelings of not being ‘enough’.

Let’s go over what it means to orient yourself towards God:

Prayer Life:  Talk to Him. Daily.

“Prayer places our understanding in the brightness of Divine Light, and exposes the will to the heat of His heavenly love.  Nothing can so effectively purify the mind from its many ignorances, or the will from its perverse affections than prayer. It is as a river of life-giving healing water which causes the roots of our good desires to send forth fresh shoots, which washes away the soul’s imperfections, and quenches the thirst of the passions within our hearts.” St. Francis de Sales ~ Introduction To The Devout Life

Sacramental Life:  Open yourself up to His grace.  Are you living a Sacramental Life In Christ? Grace is the ‘gateway’ to peace.

Worship Him:  Keep holy the Sabbath.  Mass is all about proper orientation.  We go and tell Him who we are (sinners), who He is (holy, Lord, Savior, Creator), and what we need (Him, His forgiveness and His grace).  We listen to what He has to say in the Liturgy of The Word.  We humble ourselves to become like little children in the belief that He is present in the Eucharist and precious blood.  We become more like Him when we receive Him into our bodies. The Mass is centered on Christ, not us, yet it is exactly what heals us.

Thy Will be Done: Surrender to His will.  Easier said than done, I know.  But, all that means is that you surrender to His will for today.  You only have enough grace for today and you do not know what tomorrow holds.

Once you orient yourself toward God, then you can peacefully rest in the truth that He is working all things.  Trust in Him and wait on Him.

You, my sweet girls, are enough.  As always, write to me anytime.

God love and bless you!

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4 thoughts on “You Are Enough

  1. As a mom who runs around doing a million things for others (and failing at some of them), I really loved hearing that “I am enough” this morning. Thank you. God bless.

  2. Thank you Cindy! Your words are always so full of encouragement and gentleness! I loved the quote from St Francis de Sales too. 🙂 Sometimes, I think the hardest advice to hear isn’t “change” but “keep doing what you’re doing.” I’d rather hear anything but that so I assume it must be quite good advice! 😉

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