7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 85

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:  You Are Enough  I was worried that my latest posts have been too basic. It was wonderful to receive your feedback on these post (Thank you, Jen, for the Tweet below).  For example, the whole idea of orienting yourself toward God was not something I knew about when I was your age (20, 30, 40).  I was unknowingly working toward a desired state that I believed would heal me, but I was not intentionally choosing to orient myself toward Him. My hope is to arm you with this information which I myself struggled to figure out. 

Jen tweet

— 2 —   Next Week’s Post: Are you participating in online dating?  Get ready for a philosophical discussion!

—3 —    Spotlight On:  This week’s spot light is on Dr. Greg from CatholicPsych for his post called The One Most Important Quality To Look For In A Spouse.  Can you guess what it is? I agree with him and will be doing my own post on this sometime in the future!


— 4 —  Purity and Peace:  One of my dear readers sent me a Jason Evert quote that is so true:  

“The fingerprint of God on a relationship is peace and purity.” 

— 5 —   Kindness:  The Hidden Power:  We went to Mass this morning and I stayed after to adore our Lord in the blessed Sacrament for an hour. This was a perfect opportunity to crack open a book which I have been meaning to read. It is called The Hidden Power of Kindness. It is so good that I will dedicate #5, #6 and #7 with quotes.  And, I will most likely write a whole post about this book in the future.  The first quote is about passing judgment on others:


— 6 —  Unkind Thoughts:  This was very profound to me:
“Uncharitableness in judging others torments the soul….While virtue grows in your soul under the influence of kindly judgments, your unkind judgments concerning others are often visited upon you.  You may fall into the sin of which you have judged another guilty…”
— 7 —    Speak Kindly:  This chapter emphasized the importance of truth in our speech.  Truth about others and truth about ourselves.  It encourages us not to brag, exaggerate or pretend we are something which we are not:
“The best way to rid yourself of the habit of pretending is to cultivate simplicity and humility.  Be convinced of the principle that you are what you are before God, no more and no less.  You do not change your status, either in the eyes of God or of men, by self-misrepresentation in words.”

God love and bless you!

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 85

  1. I can’t wait to read your online dating post! This is something I’ve been meaning to write about for awhile because I’ve kind of online dated… a lot! 🙂

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