Happy Wife, Happy Husband

I had the privilege of guest blogging this week for the Catholic Marriage Series over at the Catholic Cookie Jar blog!  Thank you to Caitlin for allowing me to participate in this wonderful series.  The title of my guest post is “Happy Wife, Happy Husband.”

Although most of my readers here are single, statistically, most of you will marry in the future.  I pray that the insights I shared will be something that you can lock away for future reference.

I will have the How to Merge Your Body and Soul” post ready next week and then Gregg’s insights about attraction will be ready the week after. 

The topic of attraction, when presented from a Catholic point of view, has been difficult for me to capture.  So I refreshed my understanding by rereading some great books this week.  I read books by Dietrich von Hildebrand and Blessed Pope John Paul II.  Wow, good stuff!

My main source of inspiration when writing, however, is quiet prayer.  I think of myself as a 25-year-old girl and try my best, with the Lord’s leading, to provide insight which would have been helpful.

Please keep your emails coming as they are also a source of inspiration!

God love and bless you!

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