7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 18

— 1 —

This week’s post:  I had the privilege of guest blogging this week for the Catholic Marriage Series over at the Catholic Cookie Jar blog!  The title of my guest post is “Happy Wife, Happy Husband.”  Thank you to Caitlin for allowing me to participate in this wonderful series!

— 2 —

First Reconciliation:  Our son will receive this wonderful Sacrament tomorrow.  He was really, really nervous a couple of weeks ago about it (to the point of tears).  I silently freaked out in my mind and imagined my son running out of the Church crying.  I panicked and told our Pastor that I think we may have a problem. 

But after attending the first Reconciliation workshop, our son feels pretty ready for it now.  We have been role-playing all week and I created a Steps to Confession cheat sheet for him on card stock. 

One Mom told me at the workshop that her son ‘could care less’ about receiving his 2nd Sacrament.  I realized that if I had to pick between the two, being too concerned may be better than not caring at all.  I will let you know how it goes!

— 3 —

My First Reconciliation:  You may be wondering why in the world I freaked and panicked over our son’s fear of Confession?  Well, it may have to do with my own experience a long time ago. All I remember about this Sacrament was my best friend coming out of the confessional crying and shaking (she was a shaker).  That set all of us little 2nd graders off and we all started to cry.  So, umm, yeah.  Not a good memory.

But, really, is crying over our sins such a bad thing? Doesn’t it take humility to admit that you have done wrong?  Is there any way to soften the blow to our egos? Nope.  Just gotta do it.  Then, once you have a relationship with our loving Father, the healing Sacrament of Confession is Awesome!

 — 4 —

Dear Me:  I may be way behind the Dear Me trend but I am going to share this amazing link up anyway.  I will be spending way too much time this weekend reading these blog posts in which each woman has written a letter to her teenage self.  Get the tissues!

 — 5 —

Oscar and Reeva:  I had no idea who these two were until my dear friend sent me this article.  Here is what jumped out at me:

  • “Women in cohabiting relationships are far more likely to be abused or killed than married women — by a factor of 9, according to one study “
  • “Sex implied things that neither of them could mean, even if, for fleeting moments, they imagined it did.”

Even though most women are not literally dying from unchaste behavior, I think most are dying inside.

 — 6 —

Worthy of Agape:  Remember my bloggy friend Amanda?  Well, she has a Big Announcement today!  Please go check her out!

 — 7 —

Pope Benedict XVI: Look at that sweet face. 🙂

Pope Benedict as a boy

Pope Benedict XVI as a boy

God love and bless you!

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For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!  We are praying for you and your little baby, Jennifer!

6 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 18

  1. Great post! I am going to check out the Dear Me link up–what a great idea! This should be interesting ha ha. Also, I read your guest post over at the cookie jar and loved it!

    • Hi Stephanie! I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed the ‘Happy Wife, Happy Husband’ post. I can’t wait to follow along with you and see the fruit (superabundance) that awaits you in your marriage! God bless you, Cindy

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