The Veil of Chastity Interviews Blogger Amanda Mortus

The Veil of Chastity is excited to interview fellow blogger, Amanda Mortus! Amanda has had a year filled with so many blessings. First, she published her first book in May, 2013. Then, she met and is now engaged to Anthony, the man of her dreams. Amanda announced her engagement on her blog, Worthy of Agape on Friday, December 6th.  Isn’t it amazing that exactly one year earlier, December 6, 2012, Amanda was my first guest blogger? Goes to show, in a New York minute, everything can change. Thank you, Amanda for taking time out from all the excitement to respond to my nosey interview questions!


Congratulations on your recent engagement, Amanda!

TVOC:  Looking back on your relationship with Anthony, I am dying to know if you believe the concept of The Veil rings true for you in how things progressed? 

AM:  Absolutely! I realize that Anthony, even from very early on in our dating relationship, was and is able to understand me in a way no one else has ever been able to.

TVOC:  Did it seem as if God ‘lifted a veil’ and that Anthony was able to “see” you and all your beauty in a way that no other guy was able to?

AM:  Yes! Even when I’m feeling less than beautiful, Anthony sees my beauty and my heart and encourages me in ways that no other guys were able to.

TVOC:  Were you amazed at how quickly things progressed because things were just so ‘right’?

AM:  Certainly. We dated for about six weeks before he left the country for six weeks. Those six weeks apart were hard and we weren’t able to talk consistently, but even then our feelings grew. Looking back I can see how natural things have always been between us, so when he proposed after seven months of dating it didn’t seem fast at all!

TVOC:  Do you feel that God was in the center of this and arranging things or does it just seem like luck was on your side?

AM:  Undeniable God was on our side. There are so many stories I could tell of how we both know that God has truly made us for each other. There is no doubt in either of our minds that God had us in mind for each other. Our struggles, our passions, our joy lines up in far too many ways for it to be mere luck or coincidence. God has had and continues to have His hand in our relationship, guiding us towards Him.

TVOC:  When it came to your blog, you were completely silent with the arrival of Anthony in your life and the progression of the relationship. How in the world did you discipline yourself? What advice do you have for others on this?

AM:  I literally laughed out loud at this question! When it came to keeping silent about Anthony on the blog, it was really hard. We would talk about something and it would spark a blog post, but I wanted to keep him out of the blog. I found that I was able to write about what we discussed without including him in that. It was (and is) my hope that those blog posts stood on their own. I didn’t want the point of what I/we learned to get lost in the love story we were living. I disciplined myself by constant prayer about when and if I should blog about him. My advice for others is to be prudent with what you write. I kept him out of the blog for a number of reasons, but I wanted to make sure that we had a chance to let our relationship grow before we shared with the blogging world. I wouldn’t change that for a second.

TVOC:  Finally, here is the million dollar question: Did you “know” he was The One and if so, how did you know?

AM:  I wrote another guest post on my thoughts on “The One” and I still hold to that. The gist of what I wrote is that I’m not sure I believe in “The One” to begin with. There was someone before Anthony that I swore up and down was “The One” and, clearly, I was wrong. I think that I could have been happy with that other guy, but I know that Anthony is so much better for me, and I for him. Anthony and I agree that there are a number of people we could have been happy with, but God had us chosen for each other and we are the best fit. How did I know I wanted to marry him? There are a thousand different little reasons. He lets me go to communion first, and not just in Mass. He constantly pushes me towards God and never tries to pull me away from Him. He prays with me and for me. He listens to me. He’s wonderful with children. He is a man who is constantly striving for sainthood. He protects and guards my heart. Even when he knew he was going to propose (he’d known for three months by time he proposed!), he made sure that our conversations weren’t centered around marriage and continued to discern where we were/are called. He gets along with my family. He includes me in things he does and shares his heart with me. I could go on, but I think you get my point. I knew I wanted to marry him because of who he is, because of the goodness of his heart and his drive for sanctity. Secondary to who he is, I knew I wanted to marry him because of how he treats, loves, honors, respects, and cherishes me…and will someday love, honor, protect and care for our children.


God Love and Bless You!

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