7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 58

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:  The Veil of Chastity Interviews Blogger Amanda Mortus!!  Check out my nosey questions and her honest answers.  Thank you, Amanda!

— 2 —   Maura:  Hang on to this truth that Maura from Made in His Image wrote:

“Oh sweetheart, you’re worth so much more than your pant size.‪#‎youarebeautiful ‪#‎youareenough

 3 —  Just Friends For Now:  Did you see this post from Seraphic Singles? Solid analysis is provided.  I had to look up the word Addlepated.  It means “confusion.” I usually use the word ‘confounded’ but Addlepated is an excellent word. My favorite line:

  “I bet he is just addled by the culture of choice.”

— 4 —  More SAYONARA, 20s!:  As she turns 30, Christina Grace of The Evangelista wrote a follow-up post to the ones I shared in last week’s 7QTs.  How To Make The Most Of Your 20s: Part 2  Excellent again! 

— 5 —  Friends With Benefits Are Neither:  A great reminder from Jason and Chrystalina Evert:

— 6 —  ‎Sins of Omission: 

“Many lose their peace of soul on earth and their soul for eternity, not just because of the evil they have done, but also because of the good that they have left undone. A man who is poisoned may have the antidote alongside his bed, but if he neglects to take it, he parishes.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen  Walk With God 

— 7 —  ‎Hallelujah, Our Savior Is Born: I have always loved this song but the lyrics this artist has chosen to replace the original are beautiful!  Clink on the link and enjoy!  Merry Christmas, my sweet girls!


God love and bless you!

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