Envy and Singlehood ~ A Guest Post by Britt

Have you been following the Not Alone Series hosted by Jen and Morgan?  I seriously look forward to the contributor’s posts each week and when a specific post strikes me, I often spotlight it on my 7 Quick Takes.  But, the post I am featuring today by Britt merited more than just a 7 Quick Takes spotlight.  I asked Britt if I could reblog her Envy and Singlehood post and she graciously agreed.

You may have noticed that I have put the spotlight on Britt a number of times in my 7 Quick Takes.  What is interesting is that Britt and I sometimes differ in our view of things.  For example, I believe that God is intimately involved in our vocation and that He is involved in the details.  And, I believe that as long as we remain in His will, He will lead us to our Holy Spouse. Britt, on the other hand, has several post debunking the “soul mate” concept.  Check out her insightful posts on Soul Mates here and here.

When I read her posts and when they conflict with my own take on things, I never say to myself, “She is so wrong.”  Nope, instead I say, “Wow, very interesting!  Yep, that could be true.”

So, I am featuring Britt here for several reasons.  First, this Envy and Singlehood post is spot on.  Paragraph five made me quite teary when I read it.  Especially the last line. It describes perfectly what I want to convey to you girls.  You are longing for something good.  Do not feel guilty about it. Oh, and don’t forget to click on the very soulful song by Fort Atlantic.

The second reason I am featuring Britt is because she is an excellent writer. What is interesting is that my opinion about her writing style and ability was formed before I discovered that she really is an author!  Check out her books here

Isn’t our Catholic cyber community beautiful?  I would love for you to consider Britt as a resource.  She often reveals the other side of the same coin.  This is healthy because our Catholic faith is a deep mystery.  While you are over at her blog, Proverbial Girlfriend, go ahead and sign up to receive her latest posts.

Thank you, Britt, for allowing me to share your Envy and Singlehood post! 


NAS: Envy and Singlehood

not alone5

Please join Jen, Morgan, and the rest for more insights!

This week’s topic of envy comes at just the right time for me. Sunday night, at a time when I should have been readying for bed and the early wake-up to drive into work, I instead wandered onto my Facebook feed. An acquaintance of mine posted about how [Conspicuously Male Name] made her dinner, did the washing up, watched Gilmore Girls with her, and even prepared her snacks for the week. My thoughts were 1) When did she get a boyfriend? 2) Who is this guy? 3) Do I really want to know that she met him through one of the groups—the groups I left (for good reasons) and maybe should join up again because it appears to be the boyfriendàfianceàhusband store?

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