The Chase

Every evening when I log onto my blog I check the stats.  I find it fascinating that the same post is always the #1 viewed post for the day.  Every day.  What is that post?  The post is:  Stop Chasing Him

In addition, my site shows me which terms are used when people search and land on my blog.  The searches are always about Chasing.

  • Should I stop pursuing him?
  • Don’t chase him.
  • Stop chasing him.
  • Am I chasing him?
  • Let him pursue you.
  • If I stop chasing him, will he pursue me?
  • If he is not chasing me, what should I do?

Since I have a lot of new followers recently (thank you and welcome!), I wanted to make sure that you new girls have an opportunity to read this post.  It sets a great foundation for everything I write.  Example:

“….Why not chase men?  Because men are awesome, competent and brave and they are perfectly capable of doing the chasing and initiating!!  And, when he is the one, he will chase you.  He will want to chase you!..”

Next week I will get back to our series on Emotional Chastity.  In the meantime, please read or re-read:   Stop Chasing Him

God love and bless you!

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2 thoughts on “The Chase

  1. Hello, I was this way in my earlier years and paid the price. It is a bad habit to break, even at 45. But through the grace of God, I will let thid too pass. Still waiting for the “the one” but in time, God will lift my veil for him to see. Thank you for post, always learning.


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