Thank You For Breaking My Heart

Happy Easter! We were out of town for the weekend and had a wonderful time with my family. I am behind on everything, including responding to emails and planning a post for this week.  As of yesterday, this week’s post was a big blank document. I had a number of topics I could have shared but none of them seemed to be ‘just right.’ Then, I read a post by Amanda, on her blog, Worthy of Agape, which contained the statement, “Thank you for breaking my heart.”

As I was reading it, I said, “Yes, yes!” and “It is the Veil!”

Amanda gave me permission to reblog her post and I have added my own comments. I pray her testimony of a broken heart will encourage you!

“To all of those who came before:
Thank you. Thank you for having the courage to end things, even though it may have been hard. Thank you for recognizing that I wasn’t “The One,” even if I told you that idea was insane. Thank you for letting me go so that God could bring something even more amazing into my life. Thank you for having the strength to walk away, even if it meant some broken hearts and tears fell along the way.”

“Thank you for recognizing that I wasn’t “The One,” even if I told you that idea was insane.”

This whole idea of “The One” can confound us and the idea can seem insane. It only makes sense in hindsight when you can look back and see how wrong the others were for you and how right a certain person can be.

I have this theory called The Veil. The theory claims that the Lord covers us all with a veil and this veil will only be lifted for The One that God has intended for us. Only this person, I call our Holy Spouse, can see us. All other men will reject us because the veil prevents them from seeing us. This rejection, in the end, is loving protection from God.  Although Amanda is not endorsing my theory, it seems that her beautiful testimony reflects this idea of a Divine will leading her towards The One.

“Dare I say it, thank you for breaking my heart. Fulton Sheen said that sometimes the only way that the good Lord can get into our hearts is to break them. Thanks for breaking mine so that He could enter in more deeply. Thank you for shaking my life up, for opening me up to new possibilities. Chances are that when you left I had to readjust my understanding of what my life would look like. You got me out of my comfort zone and into God’s heart, the only place I ever really found rest until the right one came along.”

“Dare I say it, thank you for breaking my heart.”

When you are in the middle of rejection and heartache, it is unimaginable that you would ever utter the words, “Thank you.” This is the part of our Spiritual lives that makes no sense. Staying in the Lord’s will, however, allows us to see the works of His hands and make sense out of it all.

“You could have held on, you could have stuck it out and tried to make it work. You could have fought the feeling that it wouldn’t have worked out in the end. You could have held on, knowing that I’d follow your lead and stick out to the bitter end. But instead you walked away. Honestly, I probably didn’t appreciate it at the time. I was probably pretty mad at you and thought some horrible things about you. I may have thought you were a coward for walking away. I’m sorry for that. If I’d had any idea what your walking away opened the door for, I wouldn’t have been so harsh. But that’s sort of the point, isn’t it? That we don’t know what’s coming, but we should be more charitable anyway, which is exactly why I’m writing you this letter.”

“I may have thought you were a coward for walking away.”

It is normal to blame the one who rejects us. It is difficult to view the rejection in a positive light.

“In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m getting married. As I prepare for the wedding and the marriage, I realize with stunning clarity how none of this would have been possible if you’d stayed. We might have been happy, but you ending things when you did made the stars line up just right for this beautiful relationship to fall into place. If you had stayed even one day longer, I might still be bitter. I might not be writing this letter at all. I might not be marrying the man God made for me, and I for him. If you hadn’t walked away we might still be together, but we probably wouldn’t have been that happy. Who but God knows? All I know is that today, as I sit here and joyfully countdown the days until my wedding, I’m grateful for you in a whole new way. I’m grateful that you walked away so that all of this bliss could fall into place. You played a part in my fairy tale, and I hope I played a good part in yours. I hope one day, if it hasn’t happened already, that you find your reason to write a letter like this. I hope you are thankful for all of the ones that came before. Thanks for touching my life in the way God called you to, and for having the strength to let me go.”

“I realize with stunning clarity how none of this would have been possible if you’d stayed…..If you had stayed……I might not be marrying the man God made for me, and I for him.”

Amanda can look back and see the Lord’s hand in her life. Like a Divine Surgeon, He poured out His grace and cut out all that would interfere with His will. 


Amanda and Anthony (credit Irving Photography)

Thank you, Amanda, for sharing your heart with us! We will keep you and Anthony in our prayers as you enter Holy Matrimony next month!

God love and bless you!

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13 thoughts on “Thank You For Breaking My Heart

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us. My boyfriend broke up with me month ago, and now he’s chasing other girls, meanwhile I even can not delete every single message or our photos in my phone. It hurts me really bad….there’s too much pain. Few months ago we even planed to get married but…, u see?
    But after reading this post i recognized that maybe it’s a chance to meet my Mr Right and one day I should be thank him for breaking my heart, my trust and walking away from my life

  2. I just discovered your blog and totally love it! What a wonderful idea, to start a blog to offer support to single girls trying to live the chaste life. Not many blogs out there trying to do that these days, and one can feel very alone when trying to live chastely as a single person. I will be Facebooking your blog!

  3. Thank you Cynthia, this is beautiful, it literally brought tears to my eyes…and im not a person who cries easily. Thank you for sharing this with all of us…

    • Thank you, Amanda!! It is good to hear that you endorse it.:) I do think that it is much easier to see in hindsight and seems unbelievable beforehand. This was such an honor for me to share with my readers. Blessings to you and Anthony! Cindy

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