7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 75


— 1 —   This Week’s Post:   Since I took a break from last week’s Good Friday 7QTs, I am including the posts from the last two weeks.  First is a Beautiful Conversion Story where Antoinette shares her conversion story to the Catholic Church.  Second is Thank You For Breaking My Heart where I share the connection between The Veil and waiting on God’s plan for your life and vocation.

— 2 —   Not Alone Series:  This week’s NAS topic was:  Marriage  Head on over to Jen’s and check out what the girls had to say!

 —3 —   Spotlight On: This week’s spotlight is on Doug Beaumont from Soul Device for his conversion story Tiber Treading No More.   Doug was an ordained Evangelical whose journey led him to the truth of the Catholic Faith founded by Jesus Christ, 33 A.D.:
 “I became more and more dissatisfied with the answers given to fundamental questions such as How was the canon (the books in our Bible) decided? and “What makes one doctrine essential to Christianity, but not another?” Although many other factors would eventually enter in, it was primarily these two issues that drove me on. It seemed that the Bible-alone approach I was taught was an attempt to ground Christian unity in a way that generated disunity.” 

— 4 —   Flag Football:  Our son is playing flag football again this season.  So, my Saturdays will be tied up for a couple of hours with outdoor fun and sun.  He has a wonderful coach and the other families are great too.  I found myself praising God for leading us to this team that has blessed us so much!

— 5 —   Easter Vacation:  I have been off from work for most of this week due to our son’s Easter vacation.  How is it possible that I could accomplish so little and be so far behind on everything?

— 6 —   Dating Advice Guru:  I was pleasantly surprised when the self-appointed dating advice guru, Carlos Cavallo told his readers to read my post, Stop Chasing Him.  I have no idea how Carlos found my blog or that post but I really appreciate what he had to say:

  “It’ll give you a fresh insight and perhaps a boost of hope if you’ve been single for a long time or been through a lot of the wrong kind of guy….That right man for you is out there.”

What I think is interesting is that Carlos appears to approach dating and love from a secular point of view.  He has many items for purchase which leads women to believe that they can control the outcome of their love life. He has ‘How To’ videos ranging from How To Get Engaged And Married to How To Get Inside His Head.

Please know that I am not endorsing Carlos!  He seems like a very nice guy who wants to help women.  But our beliefs about love, attraction, dating and marriage seem so far apart!  However, isn’t it interesting that he would direct his clients to this Stop Chasing Him post which promotes Chastity and the concept of The Veil? Kind of neat to me!

JPII Suffering Photo

— 7 — Saint Pope John Paul II:  Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII will become canonized Saints this Sunday April 27th.  Everyone knows how much I love Pope John Paul II so this will be a wonderful event to witness!

God love and bless you!

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6 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 75

  1. #6 is pretty cool. I have read some secular things and most aren’t in line with our morals but some have some good tips just on dating in general. There are people out there in the secular dating world that sorta have our high morals and won’t sleep with someone for months. I just have to read them with a grain of salt 🙂

  2. Color me SHOCKED when I read #3, your spotlight on Doug – he just came into the Church AT MY PARISH! So cool that he’s a blogger and unbelievable that I found him through you instead of the many, many times we’ve chatted! Such a small world!

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