7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 110


 — 1 —  Last Week’s Post:  Don’t Take Away His Dragons. It is so tempting to want to ‘make something happen’ rather than trust in the process. Please write to me if you need encouragement.

— 2 —  Next Week’s Post:  As promised, I will share with you why you can trust in the process…..even, and especially if you are an average girl like me.

— 3 —    Not Alone Series:  Last Week’s Topic was Travel!  A very timely topic considering I was on travel for work in San Diego last week.  Oh, San Diego, with your beautiful weather, thank you!

— 4 —    Not Alone Series:  This Week’s Topic was Dating Fast!  Best quotes:

Ok, Lord, I’m not looking for him…just do whatever you want…. *peeking* …ok, really, just bring him whenever you want…”  Morgan

and this:

” I have seen girls often think, especially because of that typical story I talked about earlier of girl declares dating fasts, boy pursues, girl gets boy at end of year, ladies think that a dating fast is part of the secret formula to dating.  “If only I go on a dating fast than Mr. Future Husband will enter into my life with a dozen roses and a devotion to St. Joseph. ”  Don’t fall into that trap.  Whether you go on a dating fast or not, the Lord’s will still needs to be done in your dating and vocational life.  Don’t ever forget that, it is always His will.”  Natalie

— 5 —   A Message For You:  God speaks words designed especially for us:

“God solicits each of us by a dialogue no other soul can hear. His action on the soul is always for us alone. He sends no circular letters, uses no party lines. He calls His sheep by name; He leaves the 99 that are safe to find the one that is lost. Once the soul becomes conscious of the Divine Presence it whispers to itself: this is a message sent to me and to no one else. Archbishop Fulton Sheen (Lift up Your Heart)

— 6 —    Spotlight On:  This week’s spotlight is on George Weigel for his article, No Fighting God.

“…Job, I came to see, is the model of what an Italian biblical scholar has called “the believer who loves the true God in himself and for himself, without ulterior motives”—and does so precisely along the dark path of suffering. It is Job, sitting amidst misery, who rejects his friends’ calculating, facile suggestions about why bad things happen to good people. It is Job who, in the end, refuses to cram the divine will and purpose onto the procrustean bed of human wisdom. It is Job who, finally, lets God be God—and who, by admitting that he is not the artisan of his own existence, makes a deeper act of faith in the God whose divine “logic” in beyond anything human minds can grasp….”

  7 —   My Healing:  If you read my last 7QTs, I revealed that I had been sick. I had what was in hindsight, a virus.  But, before that determination, the diagnoses could have been all kinds of scary things.  Without going into too much detail, I was in so much pain that I visited our Parish priest for Confession, followed by my first reception of the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.  My main goal was to receive peace, but I knew that if I was going to be healed, I had to go to the Divine Healer.  I did receive the gift of Peace immediately and within 2 days, was completely healed.  I now have compassion on those suffering with Chronic pain, especially in their joints.  I now have an awareness of my lack of pain whenever I lift something, move my wrists or climb stairs.  It is one of those ‘new lease on life/my life is now Yours, Lord’ experiences that can only be described as a gift from on high.  Praise be to God.

God love and bless you!

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