7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 106



— 1 —  Last Week’s Post:    I Wished I Was Different  I hope this encouraged you to not compare yourself to other girls.  You will be loved for how God made you.

— 2 —  My Talk:  Well, the talk I was supposed to give tonight was cancelled…well postponed. I have learned to go with the flow of God’s will on things like this.  The girl who was hosting it was overwhelmed with life.  She has a new baby ~ her 9th I think and they run a farm so it is understandable!  It was a good opportunity for me to get my ‘in person’ thoughts down on paper.  I have never given a talk before and was struggling with where to begin.  The awesome thing about the blog is that I can post once a week and let the Holy Spirit lead.  And, I can respond to your specific needs when you email me.  But, to have a group of girls of unknown various ages with unknown needs when it comes to information about love and marriage….it was tough to know where to begin.  Which leads me to Quick Take #3….

— 3 —Next Week’s Post:  I plan to share what I came up with for the talk in a post.  I will pretend like you are sitting in my friend’s living room and I am giving my talk.  What will be missing is the interaction I hope to have.  Most of it will look familiar to you if you have been following the blog for a while. Hopefully, there will be a nugget or two of wisdom for you to take away.

— 4 — Blog Stats:  Wordpress sent my “2014 Year In Blogging” Annual Report.  Over 146,000 visit to the site from readers living in 171 Countries.    I am amazed!

  • Through email, I have met girls from all over the US.  But what a privilege to know girls from other Countries including Belgium, Ethiopia, London, Croatia, South Africa, Bermuda, Beirut Lebanon, Kenya, India, Poland, Philippines, Sweden, Australia, Italy and Turkey!
  • This year, I met Jen in person!
  • My Divine Mercy Chaplet prayer list has over 250 names listed.  When I pray, I have the CD playing the chaplet in the background as I say each of your names out loud.
  • Shout out to all the girls at the University of Dallas for the following that seems to have sprouted there this year
  • Many thanks to The NAS girls under the inspiration of Jen and Morgan
  • Finally, thank you to the girls from Argentina who translate my blog posts into Spanish over at A ti te lo digo!


— 5 —  7 Quick Takes in 2015:  I decided I will be posting my 7QTs every other week in 2015. I am not sure the 7QTs adds much other than readership.  When I thought about it, readership is not really my goal. My goal is to be faithful to the Lord in this ministry and to be a source of hope and support for single girls.  I think that can be met via the weekly posts. I am also sensing the pressure to be more available to the Lord in some other way.  Specifically, I hope to be more available to you girls via email…..while still carrying out my duties as a wife and mom, daughter, sister, friend and employee.  I carry around a feeling of constant failure in each of those duty areas and I need to get to the root of it in 2015, starting with how I spend my free time.

— 6 —   Alice von Hildebrand:  She and John Henry Crosby wrote a book about Alice’s late husband, Dietrich. It is called My Battle With Hitler.  Much of my Veil theory is based on my reading Dietrich von Hildebrand and the whole Superabundance thing is really his term, not mine.  I put my own spin on it which is *not endorsed* by anyone associated with the Hildebrands.

 But!  I was very excited to receive a book signed by John Henry Crosby!  He sent it to me to thank me for being on the Launch Team.  Also, they are following me on Twitter! This is very exciting for me.  Gregg plans on reading the book and then I hope to convince him to do a post with his review.  You can follow the Hildebrand Project and John Henry Crosby Here and Here..  

  7 —   Bible Study: Our bible study started up again last night after a 2 month break. It was so good!  We are doing the Symbolon series.  Great stuff!  Also, our group is starting an evangelistic outreach once a month called Theology Over Dinner.  It is held at a mom and pop restaurant owned by Catholics.  We are all very excited about the potential to reach folks with the truth of Jesus and of the Catholic faith!

God love and bless you!

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