Blessed New Year!

Hi Sweet Girls!

I have been busy working on the talk I am giving on Friday and unfortunately do not have a post for this week.  But, I want to thank you for your comments and emails to me as this has helped me formulate my talk and relate to them better.  I feel equipped to reach the hearts of whomever the Lord sends on Friday. Please pray for me and for those lovely girls.

There were many New Years Eve nights that I spent surrounded by friends…..but still on my own.  I want to encourage you that life can change on a dime and that your Father in heaven holds you close to His Divine and merciful heart in these tough times.  He has a plan.  Tell Him you love Him and that you trust Him and His plan.  If you are having trouble trusting, tell Him so He can flood you with His love and build your faith and trust.

  “I do believe; help my unbelief.” Mark 9:24

3 Principles

One of my favorite books is The Joy of Full Surrender by Jean-Pierre DeCaussade which is also called Abandonment to Divine Providence.  Three principles outlined in the book always help build up my faith and trust: 

First principle: “Nothing is done, nothing happens, either in the material or in the moral world, that God has not foreseen from all eternity, and that he has not willed, or at least permitted.” 

Second principle: “God can will nothing, he can permit nothing, but in view of the end he proposed to himself in creating the world; that is, in view of his glory and the glory of Jesus Christ, his only Son.” 

Third principle: “As long as human beings live upon earth, God desires to be glorified through the happiness of these privileged creatures; and consequently in God’s designs the interest of making human beings holy and happy is inseparable from the interest of the divine glory.”

I will not be doing 7QTs on Friday the 2nd but will be back to my normal posting schedule in the New Year.

God love and bless you!  Cindy

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3 thoughts on “Blessed New Year!

  1. Thank you so much for all you’ve shared with us, Cindy! I would love to read the book you mentioned, but was having trouble finding it on Amazon since there are lots of versions. Which one would you recommend?

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