What Are You Looking For?

When Jesus turned and saw them following, he said to them, “What are you looking for?”  John 1:38

What a great question! I turn and see you following me and ask, “What are you looking for?” 🙂

Your answer may be, “An easy way to find the exact post I need right now!”  Given that there are 197 posts, I sympathize with you.

So, this weekend, I spent my time organizing this blog and making sure that all of the posts were added to the List of Posts by Category link.  I have not updated that list since November 2013!

I have been emailing with lots of girls recently and I often will include in my response a link to a post which applies to whatever we are emailing about.  Then, I wonder if the girl missed the post the first time around?  The answer is that yes, she did! And since I had not added the newer posts to the List of Posts by Category, these girls did not have an easy way to search for their topic (online dating, How to say ‘no’, college, guest posts).

The time I would normally spend creating a new post was spent on a little housecleaning and blog organizing.  I hope this helps! As a reminder, the Categories are:

The ‘Stop’ Series

Our Beautiful Feminine Souls


‘Not The One’ Series



Inside Scoop On Men

7 Myths Singles Must Resist Series

Dear Cindy Series

Guest Posts

Book and Movie Reviews

Please check out the updated list!  And, please keep your amazing emails coming!

God love and bless you!

p.s.s. Check out all my posts listed by category here!

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3 thoughts on “What Are You Looking For?

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  2. Thank you, Cindy, first of all for keeping this blog and also for being so organised about it! I mean, as if your life isn’t already busy enough! So thanks for doing it. 🙂

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