7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 89

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:   It Only Takes One   I hope you were encouraged!

— 2 —   Next Week’s Post: My email has been hopping this week! I have been so busy enjoying this correspondence that I have no idea what my post will be for next week. Come Holy Spirit, enkindle an idea in my heart!

— 3 —  Appreciate Your PriestThis article gave a number of ways to show appreciation to your priest.  We are going to put some of these into practice!

— 4 —  Spotlight On:    Kari Kampakis wrote a great post called Hurt People Hurt People So true!

“There was a time when I thought I had nothing in common with mean people. They were bad, I was good, and that was the end of the story. But with age and maturity, I’ve grown to understand that nobody is 100 percent good or 100 percent evil. We are all good and evil, a community of sinners in a fallen, broken world.”

— 5 —    Reasons To Wait:  This was a good article about discipline.  Three Reasons to Wait Before You Flirt Or Date

— 6 —  Bound to Happen It was bound to happen.  A girl in Australia agreed to be a surrogate mother to twins.  She found out late in pregnancy that one of the babies, the boy, has down syndrome.  This twin sister, however, is healthy.  So, the biological parents, upon birth, took the healthy twin girl home with them.  They left their precious baby boy behind.  Read the sad story here.
“She said the agency knew about Gammy’s condition four or five months after she became pregnant but did not tell her. It wasn’t until the seventh month of her pregnancy that the doctors and the agency told her the twin boy had Down syndrome and suggested that she abort the fetus.  Pattaramon recalled strongly rejecting the idea, believing that having an abortion would be sinful. “I asked them, ‘Are you still humans?’ I really wanted to know,” she said.”
  — 7 — Saint Thomas More (1478-1535):  Martyr.
“Letter from prison to his daughter, 1534  “Lord, save me!  “Mistrust him, Meg, I will not though I feel myself faint. Yea, and though I should feel my fear even at point to overthrow me too, yet shall I remember how Saint Peter with a blast of a wind began to sink for his faint faith, and shall do as he did, call upon Christ and pray him to help. And then I trust he shall set his holy hand upon me, and in the stormy seas, hold me up from drowning.” 
God love and bless you!

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3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 89

  1. #3 – At my last parish one year for the parish Christmas gift everyone signed up to either take our pastor out for dinner or invited him to our homes and cooked him dinner. One family per week (and I’m sure some weeks had multiple families or some families grouped up). He loved it and the parishioners loved it! Some families even continued the tradition the following year. I always thought that was a great idea especially because in that parish we only had 1 priest so he lived alone and I’m sure got lonely.

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