7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 90

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:  What Are You Looking For?  I did some blog organizing and I hope it helps you find the exact post you need!

— 2 —   Next Week’s Post: Testimony time! A reader will share her conversion story and the power of God’s grace.

— 3 —  Not Alone Series:  Did you hear the EXCITING news?!?!  Jen and Morgan are going to be on TV!!

What: Jen and Morgan of the Not Alone Series community on This is the Day
When: Friday, September 12, 2014, 10:30AM EST
Watch: LIVE online at CatholicTV.com OR on the CatholicTV YouTube channel after original broadcast
Follow: We’ll be posting throughout our weekend in Boston and using #NASBoston to track our travels!
Morgan: Twitter | Instagram

— 4 —    Not Alone Series:  The girls are back and this week is a Freebie.  I have today off of work and can’t wait to get all caught up!  

— 5 —    Healing Signs and Wonders:  If you are in the Washington D.C. area next weekend (23rd), please consider going to the conference which features Father Dan Leary and Damian Stayne.  I follow Damian Stayne on Facebook.  He has an amazing healing charism which is such a gift to us at this time.  I would not normally put too much stock in lay folks having such a powerful ministry but it is backed by Father Dan and that is good enough for me.

— 6 —    Heroic Priesthood:  Word on Fire ministries has a very inspiring video called Heroic Priesthood.     
— 7 — Feast of the Assumption: Don’t forget today is a Holy Day!
God love and bless you!

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