7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 74


— 1 —   This Week’s Post:  Dear Cindy ~ Texing Response Advice  How do you turn things from texting to phone calls to dates?  First, don’t carry on a complete conversation via text.  I recommend you respond with a smiley face or something light-hearted.  But, always be sweet!  And, if he asks you why you are not responding more, I recommend this:

“It is difficult to feel a spark via text. Just not my preference.”

— 2 —   Not Alone Series:  This week’s NAS topic was:  First Date Dos & Don’ts and since I loved every single one of these posts, each one will get its own Take!  Let me start of with sweet Jen who opened her post with a big shout out to me.  In the comments section, I shared with Jen and Morgan that you girls are like the daughters I never had and that yes, I do read and look forward to every NAS entry each week.  What did I love about Jen’s post this week?

Tell everyone you know about it.”

 —3 —   Not Alone Series:  New to the NAS Series is Dahlia!  Here is what I loved about her post:


Dress to bless”

— 4 —   Not Alone Series:  Here is what I loved about Claire’s post:

“Do remember to have fun!
We’re single, and some of us really don’t want to be. But we cannot lay all our hope on every date. Keeping within reason, remaining chaste and respectful of ourselves and others, we are allowed to have fun on dates. They help us grow and prepare us for our spouse in ways that we cannot do alone or with our friends. We learn how chemistry works; we learn how to respond to and protect the needs of another; we learn who we are in a romantic relationship. They also put smiles on our faces, make us walk with an extra spring in our step – and that is good!! Relax (if you can) and enjoy (what you can!) Don’t compromise your beliefs in any way! If you feel like you don’t have a choice, then walk away.”

— 5 —   Not Alone Series:  Want to know what I loved about Bek’s?  Everything!


— 6 —   Not Alone Series:  Besides the sweet shout out that Sarah gave me, I loved this about her post:


Pray” (she included a Courtship Prayer!)

— 7 —  Not Alone Series:  How about Britt?

“Do show your character: be courteous to wait staff, say thank you, etc”

— 8 —  Not Alone Series:  And Nikki?

“Don’t let your conversation only be negative.”

— 9 —  Not Alone Series:  And Beth Ann?  Good advice!

“Tell a friend/family member/someone you trust where you will be and check in with them when you get home so they know he wasn’t a serial killer…(no i don’t watch too many lifetime movies)…”

 God love and bless you!

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