7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 70

The belated version!

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:  How To Say ‘No’ To Him  I hope it encouraged you in your pursuit of Chastity!

— 2 —   Next Week’s Post:  I am providing a guest post over at Sarah’s blog, Footprints On My Heart.  I will link to it on Monday the 17th!

—3 —  Spotlight On: Loved this episode of The Choices We Face:  From Slavery To Freedom:

— 4 —   Not Alone Series:  This week’s NAS topic was: Marrieds And Singles ~ Can we relate to one another and if so what are the best ways of cultivating deep and long-lasting friendships throughout our vocational lives?  The girls provided a number of ways to bridge the gap.  Kudos to Joan from Everything Is Yours for her post.  I appreciated her recommendations!  Great job to all the girls!

 — 5 —   Boo Tar-jay:  Did you see this article about the photoshop-gone-bad on the Target site?  Really.  What has the world come to?

— 6 —  Ulf Ekman:  Sweden Megachurch Pastor Ulf Ekman’s (and his wife) decision to convert to Roman Catholicism!  He tweeted this:

Three words “Authority”, “Sacraments”, “Unity”. Or put it another way:”One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.”

 — 7 —  Aphrahat (?-c.345), monk and Bishop ~On Fasting:  Proving the Catholic approach of both/and.

“This is the fasting that I wish: releasing those bound unjustly” (Is 58,6)

The Ninevites fasted with a pure fast when Jonah preached repentance to them… This is what is written: “When God saw by their actions how they turned from their evil way, he repented of his blazing wrath” (cf Jon 3,10). It is not said that: “He saw a fast of bread and water, with sackcloth and ashes” but that: “they turned away from their evil deeds and the wickedness of their works”. For the king of Nineveh had spoken and said: Every man shall turn from his evil way and from the violence he has in hand” (v.8). It was a pure fast and it was accepted...

Because, my friend, when we fast it is always the abstaining from wickedness that is best. It is better than abstaining from bread and water, better than “afflicting oneself, bowing the head like a reed and lying in sackcloth and ashes” as Isaiah says (58,5). In fact, whenever people abstain from bread, water or whatever food it might be, when they cover themselves in sackcloth and ashes and afflicts themselves, then they are loved, beautiful in the eyes of God and accepted. However, what please God most of all is: “…to release those bound unjustly and break the bonds of deceit” (cf. v.6). 

 God love and bless you!

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