7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 68

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:  Are You Just An Option?  Red Flags To Know  Excellent insight provided in this guest post!

— 2 —   Not Alone Series:  This week’s NAS topic was: Masculinity: Who is a great example of masculinity in your life (father, brother, uncle, priest, etc)?  What is it about them that you love?   So many encouraging posts!  Check them out! 

—3 —  Spotlight On: This week’s spotlight is Katie from Waiting4Patience.  Well, I will just let her tell you about her exciting news! Please pray for Katie, let her know your prayer intentions and donate to this mission if you are able! Upon her return, she has agreed to do a guest post sharing her experience! God speed, Katie!

— 4 —  Spotlight On:  This article by Mary Beth Bonacci was excellent!  I like that she emphasized the need to know God.  Who He is and Who He isn’t.  She said:

“The “God” you’re talking about—the one who automatically provides us with spouses as a reward for virtuous behavior—He doesn’t exist. Never has. Never will.”

This is true.  Chastity is for our own good.  It is not a guarantee for anything other than a right relationship with our God, with ourselves and with others.  But I also think it is important to emphasize that Chastity keeps us in God’s will and allows us the freedom to respond to the Holy Spirit’s lead. God’s plan for mankind is for “two to become one” and to “be fruitful and multiply.”  That is His will!  Therefore it benefits us to stay in His will and cooperate!  I just don’t want you to think that staying in God’s will is not important.  It does make a huge difference in the outcome of your life. 

— 5 —   Taming of the Locks:  I just want to give a shout out to Fredrick Fekkai.  My hair has a mind of its own yet this man has created a shampoo (and conditioner) that allows me to tame my locks into submission.  Thank you, Mr. Fekkai!  This is my new shampoo:


— 6 —  Pope Francis:  More words of encouragement from our Papa! We serve a God of Justice. Glory be to God, indeed!

“Have you been crying out to the Lord for something? Maybe there’s a situation in your life that’s been overwhelming, and you feel like you’ve done everything you know to do and can’t see a way through. Be encouraged today because we serve a God of justice! He is faithful to His Word, and He will always be faithful to you.  Glory be to God.”

 — 7 — Pope Francis: He reminds us of our mission and the power that we have to “change reality.”  Wow!   

“What is this people’s mission? It is to bring the hope and salvation of God to the world: to be a sign of the love of God who calls everyone to friendship with Him; to be the leaven that makes the dough rise, the salt that gives flavor and preserves from corruption, to be a light that enlightens. Look around us — it is enough to open a newspaper, as I said — we see the presence of evil, the Devil is acting. However, I would like to say out loud: God is stronger! Do you believe this, that God is stronger? Let us say it together, let us say it all together: God is stronger! And do you know why He is stronger? Because He is Lord, the only Lord. And I would like to add that reality, at times dark and marked by evil, can change, if we first bring the light of the Gospel especially through our lives.” 

God love and bless you!

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3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 68

  1. I do love your blog.
    I’m sorry I don’t comment more. My family keeps me busy. But you are an outstanding writer and thank you for concentrating on Chastity! God bless you.
    p.s. I left Facebook.
    I love our Papa!~

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