7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 43

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:  Wow, thank you to everyone who commented and provided support in response to the Frustration post! You girls are amazing!  I plan to post my response to our Sweet Frustrated Friend next week.

— 2 —   Girl Friends:  It was wonderful to see you girls wrap your cyber arms around her and share your own feelings of frustration.  It seems that a support group might be forming where you girls can remain anonymous yet share your struggles in a closed, non-public forum.  I will be happy to pass on any information that comes my way.

 — 3 — Britt’s Guest Post:  Britt from Proverbial Girlfriend sent her guest post to me this week and I am so excited to share it with you.  As usual, Britt imparts wisdom and gives us some truths to chew on.  Look for it the week of September 3rd!  Thank you, Britt!!

— 4 — Spotlight On:  This week’s spotlight is on Laura from Catholic Cravings for her post called Me and Ununiformity with God’s Will. 

“My job isn’t to be successful. It isn’t to lead an impressive life of holiness. It certainly isn’t to wait until optimal conditions arrive, or even to try optimise those conditions.

No, my task is to do the most unglamorous thing imaginable: God’s will for me. Right here, right now, right away. Fortunately, it might be unglamorous but it is also the most glorious thing imaginable. Because there is no greater privilege than to say with Christ, His Mother, and all His angels and saints, “Lord, thy will be done.” 

— 5 —  Reblog Excitement:  It is an honor for me to share with you that the Living in Faith Together L.I.F.T blog reblogged Morgan’s guest post this week!  The funny part (to me and Gregg) is that L.I.F.T has reblogged Morgan’s post and this post.  Neither post was written by me…..both were guest postsSo, praise God for guest posts!!

— 6 —  Audrey Assad:  She reminded us last night on Twitter to pray for Syria. Of course, the suffering of Egypt has been on our hearts too.  Lord have mercy. 

           We are loving her new album which she says is humbly offered as gifts to her fellow Catholics.  Indeed, she is a much-needed gift given to us at a critical time. 

 — 7 — More Reasons To Love Gregg:  He is always building and flying stuff.  He is good at and enjoys following instructions with the most minute details (this would drive me absolutely bananas). He can fix any computer.  He will make any party fun.  However, I was speechless when he and our son showed me his latest project: 

God love and bless you!

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