7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 31

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:  Asks the question:  Do Men Need Help?  Enjoy!

— 2 —  Lost DocumentWORD: Last Saturday I spent a good part of the day writing several future posts.  But, when I woke up on Sunday, the document was gone.  I mean nowhere to be found on the computer.  Even Gregg, my computer guru, was perplexed.

I arrived at Mass in a sour mood.  My mind was occupied trying to figure out what happened.  I kept saying, “Lord you know how hard I worked on that document!”  Then, the readings started.  First, the reading from Proverbs:

“…When the Lord established the heavens……..when he marked out the vault over the face of the deep….when he made firm the skies above….when he fixed fast the foundations of the earth..”

Followed by the reading from Romans 5 where we are instructed to “boast in our afflictions which lead to character.”  Here I was, worried about my little document and it was like the Lord was saying, “Where were you when I was creating the heavens and the skies and the earth?”  

It gave me peace about the fact that if He wanted that document to be found, it would have been found.  I work for Him.  He does not work for me.  So, this week’s post was delayed until Thursday because I had a heck of a time recreating my thoughts and writing in the evening after work is difficult for me.  I pray that I allowed the Holy Spirit to speak through me!

— 3 — Angel Baby #59:  This story was heart wrenching!  Did you see his sweet little face when he was finally freed from the sewer pipe?

— 4 —  Spotlight On #1This week’s first spotlight is on JC Sanders for his insightful post on Ignitum Today.  He draws a distinction between abstinence, chastity and purity.  These words have gone viral lately and he puts it all in perspective.  Great job, JC!

— 5 —  Spotlight On #2:  Gotta shine the light on another fellow blogger. I have shared posts from Brantly Millegan from Young, Evangelical and Catholic before. He knocked it out of the ballpark with this post about how he and his wife became convinced about the immoral nature of contraception.  He is doing a series and this is part 2. 

— 6 — Worthy BookSpotlight On: #3  This post by Amanda Mortus was viral worthy.  Get it, viral Worthy?  🙂  Anyway, every girl needs to read it. Please,  Raise Your Standards, Ladies!  Excellent post, Amanda!

— 7 — Guest Posts:  I have all kinds of guest posts lined up for this Summer!  I am really excited to share with you the wisdom from these other bloggers!  If any of you (bloggers and non-bloggers) would like to do a guest post, I would welcome that!

  • Are you married and can you see, in hindsight, the concept of The Veil?
  • Did it seem that all other men (or women if you are a guy) were unable to see you but once you met your husband (or wife) it was like a veil was lifted?
  • How about marital chastity?  Are you experiencing the power of Superabundance from marital chastity?
  • Anyone out there had a change of heart concerning contraception?
  • Reverse vasectomies?  (Seriously, this is an amazing grace…the stories of renewed marriages are epic!)
  • Finally, if you are single, does it seem like you are invisible?  Have you experienced a feeling that the guys you are dating can’t see you?  They like you but something is preventing them from moving forward toward marriage?

I would love to hear from you!!  Of course, your guest post can be anonymous.  🙂

God love and bless you!

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One thought on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 31

  1. Thanks for the shout out once again, Cindy! You definitely got your wish, that post has gone viral this week and blown out some long-held records!

    I’m so excited to read everything you’ve got lined up for the summer =)

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