7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 23

— 1 —  This week’s post:   Not The OneHe Is Not The OneMay you be blessed!

   ***Please keep Jennifer and her little baby in your prayers.  I believe she is due to deliver on Monday!***

— 2 —  Freedom From Facebook: I decided to give up our personal Facebook for Lent. I still peeked every once in a while but, for the most part, I missed all the birthdays and photos that I normally enjoy. However, I did not miss the time wasted or the scrolling. I also did not miss the voyeuristic nature of Facebook and being able to see into other’s thoughts, activities and lives. I feel very free as a result of this Lenten practice of abstinence. And, now that Easter is here, I still feel free from the draw of Facebook. Mission accomplished!

— 3 —  Welcome Home!: To all the new Catholics who entered into the Church from all over the world at the Easter Vigil Saturday! We visited my family’s parish (where I received all my Sacraments) on Easter Sunday. St Joseph’s had 96 new Catholics who received their Sacraments for the first time. 96!! The priest said that the Vigil Mass went into the wee hours of the night. St. Joseph’s parish started as just a little Mission church in 1926. Today, the Church is huge and each Mass is completely packed, praise God! In addition, St. Joseph’s School (which opened in 1978) is the largest Catholic school in the Diocese with over 600 students. Grateful to be Catholic!

— 4 —  new_evangelists_monthlyNew Evangelist Monthly: Don’t forget, tomorrow, April 6th is the first Saturday of the month so it is time for the New Evangelist Monthly round-up! Check out this “informal, dynamic, crowd-sourced “meta-magazine” showcasing the best posts faithful Catholic bloggers publish each month. Here you will find many different, but faithfully Catholic viewpoints, insights and perspectives.”

— 5 —  Spotlight on: This week’s spotlight is on Brantly Millegan from the blog Young, Evangelical and Catholic. He and his young wife are converts and you know how I just rave about converts! On his Twitter page this week, Brantly tweeted this video in honor of the 8 year anniversary of the death of Blessed Pope John Paul II.

I remember the day that Blessed Pope John Paul II died. Our little son was just 8 weeks old and we were getting ready to leave my in-law’s house after visiting for Easter. We were all very teary due to the departures taking place. Namely, our departure back home and Pope John Paul II’s departure into the arms of God.

Perhaps I love you more.” Blessed Pope John Paul II

— 6 —  I Condemn Myself: Pope Francis’ words from Good Friday’s Stations of the Cross really struck me:

Sometimes it may seem as though God does not react to evil, as if He is silent. And yet, God has spoken, He has replied, and His answer is the Cross of Christ: a word which is love, mercy, forgiveness. It also reveals a judgment, namely that God, in judging us, loves us. If I embrace His love then I am saved, if I refuse it, then I am condemned, not by Him, but by my own self, because God never condemns, He only loves and saves.”  Pope Francis

— 7 —  Handwriting on the wallHandwriting On The Wall: The stories in the book of Daniel are great! Just last night I read the “writing on the wall” story from Daniel Chapter 5 to my family. The best part? This line:

“Tekel: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.” Daneil 5:27

God is funny. God love and bless you!

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For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary! We are praying for you and your little baby, Jennifer!

2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 23

  1. I gave up FB for Lent, too, and you’re right–it IS freeing! I’m back on, but only because some people use that exclusively to contact me with messages. And also, my five sons are grown and not living at home, and I like seeing the pictures they post on there. But now that Lent’s over, I’m trying not to waste precious moments of my life scrolling through the news feed posts, half of which end up making me angry or bummed out!

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