7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 108


 — 1 —  This Week’s Post:  When He Writes, “Feel Free To..”  So pleased with the response to this post!  Even sweet Arleen Spencely took notice and tweeted about it!  Thank you, Arleen!

— 2 —  Next Week’s Post:  I was emailing with a girl about how Catholicmatch.com is set up and I shared my thoughts on how a girl might manage her on-line ‘footprint’.  🙂  She and I plan to do a joint post next week!

— 3 —    Not Alone Series:  Last Week’s Topic was All The Children ~  Babies and children. Go check out all the cute photos of the babies!

— 4 —    Not Alone Series:  This Week’s Topic was Selfies! and they write about “Do you support the selfie trend? Do you think it promotes self absorption, vanity and narcissism? Is there a way to incorporate selfies into the Church’s teachings of modesty, authentic beauty, humility?”   Great topic.  Surprisingly, I don’t have a strong opinion.  I took my first selfie the other day and I had to be shown how to do it. 🙂

— 5 —   Overload:  I feel it.  How about you?

— 6 —    Spotlight On:  This week’s spotlight is  on Kari Kampakis for her post called “A Word To Girls About Sexting and Setting Standards.”  Important for everyone to think about!

  7 —   Theology Over Dinner:  Gregg and I lead a bible study every Thursday night with another couple.  Last night this other couple hosted a Theology Over Dinner event and it had quite a turnout.  A rough count of 50 people of variety of ages from about 7 different parishes!  It was held at a local restaurant where we had dinner and then heard a talk given by a wonderful priest.  These will happen once a month and mimic the Theology on Tap events. I do believe that the Lord was glorified!

You remain in my prayers! God love and bless you!

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