7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 79

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:  The Veil of Chastity Interviews Marcus Guevara ~ Part 2 . Thank you again to Marcus for the interview!  I agree with Jen’s tweet “Some great stuff from a guy’s perspective!”

— 2 —   Next Week’s Post:  Keep an eye out for another awesome guest post!  I feel so blessed to share these guest posts with you.

—3 —    May 30:  Where did May go?

— 4 —   Not Alone Series:  This week’s NAS topic was:   Social Media ~  Lots to think about!!

— 5 —    Spotlight On:  5 Ways The Eucharist Erases Original Sin ~  Loved this!
— 6 —    Spotlight On: Best Friend or Boyfriend ~ Should you tell him you like him? ~  Wise words from Courtney Kissinger!
“Guys can enjoy all the benefits of having a best friend who is a girl (aka, not a girlfriend) without having to commit to a dating relationship. They have someone they can call if they want to talk (or not, because they’re not dating), someone they can always hang out with (or not, because they’re not dating), someone to ask what they should wear (or not…) — all while keeping their eyes peeled for someone who they do want to date and commit to.

— 7 —   Devin Rose:  Have you read his book, The Protestant Dilemma?  Everyone is raving about it!

God love and bless you!

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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 79

  1. definitely just bought the Protestant’s Dilemma! I work with almost all Protestants and I struggle with when to say something…so I’m hoping this book gives me some insight!

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