7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 78

— 1 —     Jen Picked Me~ Follow Up:  I can officially say that I have experienced my 15 minutes of fame.  Jen has a lot of readership and you can imagine how my stats jumped last week when she mention this blog in her 7QTs! Spike-a-roo!  Things have simmered down now but I really enjoyed the new followers here and on Facebook and Twitter.  I was the random lucky winner but hopefully I have not used up all my luck with that draw.   I bought 2 of Jen’s books with the $50 gift card and then of course I had some money left and so I had to buy a top to wear.  

— 2 —    This Week’s Post:  The Veil of Chastity Interviews Marcus Guevara .  What a great Part 1 Interview of Marcus from Thirsting For Truth!  Don’t forget to check out his ministry and his amazing video.  Don’t forget his Go Fund Me project if you are inspired to use your Treasure to support his Talent. You can find Marcus via his websiteFacebook and you can follow him on Twitter!   Part 2 of his interview will be posted on Monday! 

 —3 —     Not Alone Series:  This week’s NAS topic was:   Building and Keeping Community:    We LOVE the NAS community, but creating a real-life community is essential to our lives! What have been your struggles in making friends as a young adult? Do you have any advice for those struggling to build community post-college?
  Great insight provided by all the girls but the one that had me agreeing the most was by Britt from Proverbial Girlfriend when she shared that some friendships are “just for a season” and that it is okay when this happens.
— 4 —   Flash Mass:  Our Pastor, Father Ray, celebrated his 30 year Anniversary of his Ordination to the Priesthood on Tuesday.  So, my Parish organized a “Flash Mass” and surprised him.  What is a Flash Mass?  It is an impromptu celebration of Mass.  High School and College young adults started it in our County where a text would be sent out on a random night telling them of the location and time.  Boy, they never had anything like this when I was a young adult.  So, on Tuesday night our Church came alive with young and old along with a very talented and enthusiastic recent college grad playing the organ.  I mean, he had it cranked and everyone was singing hymns.  Ancient hymns. Ahhh.  Lots of incense too.  As I was sitting there, I thought, this is the best place on Earth.
— 5 —    Spotlight On:  Pope Francis!  Amen Papa!
“Carrying around an unhealed, gaping soul wound will cause you to leak love. To hold love, you must seek healing from the LORD. Don’t try to treat it with drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. TRUE HEALING paves the way for TRUE HAPPINESS.”
— 6 —   Love Letters:  Gregg and I started to email each other in September 2001.  I still have all of our email correspondence and every once in a while go through and read those emails. This week, I had a question from a reader asking me when I told my family that I was participating in on-line dating.  The funny thing is that I waited until Gregg was visiting for the 2nd time before telling my family.  Up until that point, I told (lied to) my Mom (sorry again Mom) that I had met Gregg at “some Catholic event.”  The way I finally told my family is that I emailed my Dad. He passed away in 2008 and I am so grateful that I still have his sweet and supportive response:
    “…I have always accepted your judgment in who you go out with or who you intend to marry.  YOU AND GREG HAVE MY BLESSING.  He sounds like a great guy and i cannot wait until i meet him.  From the way it sound i think you are both lucky, him
for finding you and beating out all those other guys, and you for finding such a nice guy as Greg…love ya, Dad”  
dated March 14, 2002
Dad on my Wedding day0001

My Dad gladly gives me away!

— 7 —   Acts of the Apostles 15:22-31:  The readings from this week have revealed the need for a hierarchy in the Church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Even the brand new baby church experienced disputes that needed to be resolved by  “the apostles and presbyters.”  They wrote a letter and delivered it to Antioch, Syria, and Cilicia and this is how it started off:

  ‘It is the decision of the Holy Spirit and of us….” 

God love and bless you!

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