7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 73

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:   I Am Seeing A Trend  ~  I received a number of emails from girls asking how to respond when a guy uses texting as the main mode of communication.  Although I recommended in last week’s post that you not respond, sometimes a response is merited and can turn things towards a better course. I will share those responses in next week’s post!

— 2 —   Not Alone Series:  This week’s NAS topic was: Goals and Lent ~ It is interesting that the number of contributors was low and I am wondering if it is because:

a.  We (I) do not like to share with everyone that we (I) are (am) failing to keep our (my) Lenten promises to grow in virtue


b.   We are growing in virtue but it is imperceptible at this time

My guess is that both of these are taking place.  We are failing and we are growing in virtue.  The first we are aware of and the second we will not be aware of until sometime in the future.  As Audrey Assad shares in this beautiful song, love moves Slow:

“You run so deep; That it’s hard to miss you
And you come so near;  That it’s hard to feel you
Oh, and I guess that’s how it is; When I let you move
Because you take me at my word;  Oh, and now I know 

That faith is not a fire; As much as it’s a glow”

 —3 —  Spotlight On: This week’s spotlight is on  Charity from A Note For Someday.  She was one of the contributors to the Not Alone Series.  She did not limit her topic to Lent.  She talks about her One Goal and it is amazing.  This is the part that I needed to hear this week: 

 “If I need to make any decision, I will pray for God to lead my steps, instead of reveal his plan to me.”

— 4 —  Meg:  Meg did a fantastic job sharing the secret behind the success of my Parish’s Summer Camp.  If you remember, I shared this information in my 7QTs last Summer.  Well, my Parish has made it possible for this success to go viral.  Yes, your Parish can have a money-making, grace-filled Summer camp.  Check out Meg’s awesome post!!

— 5 —  Katie:  From Waiting for Patience has returned from her Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo! She shares some details in this post but, but, but you will be overjoyed when you see how she was greeted by the Parishioners!!  Maybe she will do a guest post and include the video of the welcome party!

— 6 —  Twitter Big Leagues:  I am a big nobody but I was somehow included in a Tweet with these wonderful people!


 — 7 — Saint Bernard of Clariveau: (1091-1153), Cistercian monk and doctor of the Church wrote:

 “Above all, O good Jesus, I love you for the chalice you drained for our redemption… It is this that most sweetly allures our love, most justly exacts it, most closely binds it and makes it the most vehement. For on that day our Savior underwent immense labor and the Creator himself did not have as much trouble in forming the entire universe. Of that mighty work we read: “He spoke and they were made; He commanded and they were created.” Whereas, in order to redeem us, the Savior had to affirm his words before those who contradicted him, defend his actions against a hostile surveillance, undergo torment before his mockers and death in the midst of reproaches. He loved us even to this point.”

 God love and bless you!

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 73

  1. Thanks for the kind words from my trip!!! I will definitely do a guest post and include the video … I watch it any time I find I’m missing my family there! Also, I love that song from Audrey, I’d never heard it before, but “love moves slow”.

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