7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 65

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:  These Beautiful Bones by Emily Stimpson.  I hope you enjoyed the book review and are inspired to read her amazing book!

— 2 —   Next Week:  Ohhhhh….I am so pleased that my bloggy friend, Esther from For Such A Time As This, will be featured next week with her guest post, Guard Your Heart.  Look for it on Monday, Feb 10th. You will love it!

 —3 —  Not Alone Series: This week’s topic was Chastity ~ A Choice.   All of these NAS girls are bravely embracing a life of Chastity and each one did a great job sharing their specific reasons for their virtuous choice. Check out their posts and be inspired! I really liked Bec’s post where she makes the case for chastity in the same way we look at holiness:

“…if God calls me to holiness, then He will provide the grace and ability to be holy. The answer “because God calls me” is deep: do I fear God? do I want to obey God? do I believe that God enables me to do what He directs? do I want to be like Him? If even one of these questions is answered with a yes, then I need to choose holiness.” Bec

— 4 —  Spotlight On:  This week’s spotlight is on Ruth Rutherford from I Kissed My Date Goodnight for her post, Considering The Possibility I May Never Get Married. Ruth is a single Christian girl in her 30’s who blogs about……. life as a 30 year-old single Christian.  Lots of good writing and honest dialogue going on over there.

— 5 —   Superbowl/Meat Candy:  We celebrated the Superbowl with wonderful friends and I made Meat Candy.  Well, it is really Ball Park Franks wrapped in candied bacon.  Delish!  I am glad that Football is done with because I spent a lot of time watching it this season.  There were games all day Sunday, including Red Zone. Then, there was Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football.  Now that the season is over, I will be a productive person again.  Now back to the Meat Candy! Click on the image to get my amazing recipe!


— 6 —   Car Rosary: I admire people who are brave enough to hang a rosary from their rear view mirror.  I felt that if we did that then we would have to always be on our best behavior when driving.  As a way of raising money for the Run For Vocations, our awesome friends did a fundraiser where they made Rosaries and had them blessed by a priest.  We received 3 Rosaries from them and one of them now hangs on our rear view mirror. 

Now I understand that a Car Rosary reminds us and others about the passion and death and resurrection of Christ.  Last night on our way home our son said, “Mom and Dad.  I think the Rosary is working!”  Not exactly sure what he was referring to but… there it is.  I cannot tell you how pretty our Car Rosary looks so I will just show you.  Thank you, TEAMD!


— 7 —  A Lamp Unto Our Feet:  From the encyclical, Lumen Fidei (Light of Faith):

 Faith is not a light which scatters all our darkness, but a lamp which guides our steps in the night and suffices for the journey. To those who suffer, God does not provide arguments which explain everything; rather, his response is that of an accompanying presence, a history of goodness which touches every story of suffering and opens up a ray of light. In Christ, God himself wishes to share this path with us and to offer us his gaze so that we might see the light within it. Christ is the one who, having endured suffering, is “the pioneer and perfecter of our faith” (Heb 12:2).”  Pope Francis

God love and bless you!

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5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 65

  1. I like that you mentioned the car rosary thing…just the other day I saw one hanging in someone’s car, and I thought, “I need to get one!” I think I will now! 🙂

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