7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 51

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:   Friending ~ A Guest Post by Allie Millette. Wow, oh wow! I had no idea how many friends Allie has and it seems that every single one of them checked out her guest post!  The number of hits on my site doubled on the first day and continued for a couple of days following the post.  Great job Allie and welcome to all your friends who are now following the blog!!

— 2 —    Next Week’s Post:  I plan to do a post called Friending Limits (ha ha! A funny take on Spending Limits and blowing the National Debt).  I am going to expand a little on what Allie wrote as a way of making sure you girls (and guys) avoid the dreaded Frelationship zone. 

  3 —   Guys Are Welcome:   Gregg and I enjoy corresponding via email with guys who follow the blog.  They are struggling too and often times Gregg will chime in and provide advice.  This week, I had a brave young man actually comment on a post and he shared the following cute story:

“…My grandmother, after not hearing from my grandfather over a period she deemed unacceptable, sent him a telegram in 1940, “Dead? Or just indifferent?” They married a while later and their more than 60 years of marriage was my model of what love should be….”  Brave commenter Ed

— 4 —  Spotlight OnThis week’s spotlight is on Meg from Held by His Pierced Hands for her post How to Stay Chaste: 10 Tips for Couples.  As always, great job, Meg!    

— 5 —    More From Meg:  Meg also posted this amazing insight in her post, You Will Get Pregnant and Die: 4 Better Reasons to Wait:

”   1. Sex renews the covenant of marriage. Sex isn’t just fun—although I’m told it is that. Sex is the sign of the covenant of marriage. Every covenant is renewed by a repeated action, an action that reminds each party of their commitment, an action by which they recommit themselves. In God’s covenant with Adam, it was the Sabbath. In the covenant with Moses, it was the Passover meal. In the covenant with Jesus, it’s the Eucharist and in the covenant of marriage, it’s consummation…”

— 6 —   Not Alone Series:  This week’s topic was Chastity. Check out the beautiful and candid posts from the girls over at Jen’s blogNikki from Catholic Heart for Home wrote a beautiful and simple paragraph we should use when teaching others about Chastity.  Well done, Nikki!

“….Chastity does not only direct what you do before marriage but also what comes after. In fact it can be argued that chastity can have nothing to do with sex and it is about so much more that just the physical act. Chastity is the difference between loving and using…..”  Nikki

 — 7 — Anniversary!  Gregg and I celebrate our 11th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow!  We are so very grateful for each other and for our family.  Praise be to God, indeed!

Us Engaged Crop

October 19, 2002  Praise be to God!

October 19, 2002 Praise be to God!

God love and bless you!

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