7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 33

— 1 —   This Week’s Post: Is it possible to not talk about that new potential suitor?  I offer you a challenge here:  Self-Containment ~Explained 

— 2 —   Spotlight OnThis week’s spotlight is on Emily Stimpson for her post about Pornography and what it does to relationships.  I really feel for those afflicted by this addition.  Notice I did not say the “men” afflicted.  Yes, this addiction affects women too.   Here is the part of Emily’s post that is most disturbing:

“Men who regularly use porn report growing dissatisfaction with the bodies of their wives and girlfriends. Many, like the Don Jon character, start to prefer pornography to real life intimacy. They’d rather be alone with their porn than deal with the messy complications of loving a real, live person.”

Do you fear that your future husband will become dissatisfied with your body?  One concept I plan to talk more about is Superabundance because it is this fruit of marital chastity that was so compelling and reassuring to me.

— 3 — Superabundance:  If you fear that your future husband will become dissatisfied by your body, Superabundance from marital chastity is your answer. Go Here to read more.  Here is what I propose Superabundance does in chaste marriages:

“The physical imperfections are there but the wife is at peace with herself and radiates that peace.  Average women are lifted to a higher level.  They become pretty because of their interior radiance.  And, their husband’s love for them grows rather than diminishes with time.  My observation is that women in chaste marriage confidently remove themselves from the competitiveness often found in other women.  Women in chaste marriages don’t hate their bodies the way other women seem to. They are not hormonally influenced by the birth control pill nor are they rendered neutral through voluntary sterilization. Their bodies are seen as life-giving and miraculous rather than flawed and in need of manipulation and fixing.  They feel free to allow their hair to go gray, or not, and see it as a sign of their mature achievement in life. They are proud of their age and don’t struggle against the clock as much or talk about themselves or other women in a degrading manner. They have endured and have peace with their bodies and themselves.”

— 4 —  Not Alone Series: Discernment:  Morgan and Jen’s latest topic in this series is Discernment.  I really enjoyed reading the various posts from the contributors to this series.  Here are a few of my favs:

Morgan from Follow and Believe highlighted that sometimes discernment can be mistaken as a status symbol rather than a way of really knowing God’s will.  And she aptly points out that:  you’re not fully “discerned” until you’ve taken vows, whether they be to another person or through ordination/entering an order.” 

Britt from Proverbial Girlfriend wrote something that aligns with my experience. Her discernment includes the question: “What am I called to do right now?” It was my experience that my vocation to marriage was revealed to me ‘as it was happening’.   I never got any hints. 🙂

— 5 —  Not Alone Series: Discernment:  More great stuff from the series:

Raquel from Story of a Rose provided a list of ingredients she believes are needed to discern one’s vocation.  My two favorites:  Healing and the Sacraments.

Claire from Everything Is Grace wrote:  “Discernment is never straight-forward, and if it is then you’re super-duper lucky! If you are nodding your head the whole way through reading this post then I feel you girl!!!”

— 6 — Not Alone Series: Discernment:  All of them were great but here are two more from the series:

Jordan from Occasional Humor wrote:  “So where am I at in my discernment process? I’d say I’m at a point of contentment and growth. I know that God has amazing things in store for me and that He’ll reveal them when the time is right, and I’m taking steps to be ready when that actually happens.”  Beautiful!

Sarah from Footprints on My Heart wrote something that made me realize that I really, really like her spiritual director 🙂 My spiritual director kindly, yet strongly reminded me of this not too long ago: “As a woman, it is not your job to pursue a man.  It is his job to pursue you.”  He mentioned that since I need not worry about chasing men, I ought to content myself with simply enjoying life and falling in love with Christ since that should be what attracts a man to me anyway. ” Excellent insight!

— 7 — Little Consolations from the Lord: I received at least four badly needed consolations from the Lord this week:

1.  I was feeling overwhelmed.  Then, someone really surprised me with a compliment.  You know how when someone says just the right *important* thing at the right time that pulls you out of your funk?

2.  I was walking into a restaurant with Gregg, again feeling overwhelmed.  This girl gave me a big smile and said, “I love your outfit!” It sounds shallow but it was just the right pick me up at just the right time.  #wasfeelingblahaboutmywardrobe

3.  I provided some advice to a girl this week that went something like “break up with him. He is not honoring you.”  Well, I got an email from that same girl’s Mom thanking me.  It was an unspecified ‘thank you’ but I have a feeling it was because I confirmed exactly what her Mom has been wanting this girl to do.  My advice was just the thing the girl needed to give her the courage to do what she knew she need to do.  Amazing.  Our Counselor, the Holy Spirit lives!

4.  Last Saturday was my birthday and something arrived in the mail which we had ordered way back in November.  We have been following her progress along but it was amazing that she was placed in our home on the date of my birth.  Isn’t she gorgeous?  We commissioned (aren’t we fancy?) a real artist to paint her for us after seeing Our Lady of Sorrows on the web.  This photo does not do her justice. This is the talented artist.

Mary Mother of Sorrow Painting

Our Lady of Sorrows

God love and bless you!

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12 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 33

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  3. Thank you so much for your support of this new series! It’s been such a blessing to meet other Catholic young women 🙂

    I love the image of Our Lady of Sorrows! She is the patroness of the parish at which I was raised.

    God bless you!

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