7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 28

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:  Is……He Will Rule Over You.  What?  Who will rule over me? Please check out the post and find out!

— 2 —  Our Son’s First Holy Communion: Was on Saturday.  The Mass was perfect and profound and all that we could have hoped for.  We successfully entertained 50 people at our house after the Mass including lots of kids.  He received some amazing gifts. Oh, and the readings were excellent!

  • Acts 2:42-47
  • 1 Corinthians 11:23-26
  • Gospel of John 6:51-58

— 3 — Matt Maher: Have you heard his new song?  It is called:  Lord I Need You

*sorry my site is not allowing me to embed  links so you will have to click on it to go to YouTube

— 4 — Duggar Girls On Dating:  Say whatcha want about the Dugger Family but I think these girls are amazing!  Someone is doing something right. Check them out talking about purity and protecting your heart.  Again, please click on this link

— 5 —  Spotlight onThis week’s spot light is on one of my new blog followers E.G Norton over at Trenchcoatintrospective.comI am so encouraged by these young faith-filled Catholics!  Oh, and did I mention she is a convert I particularly liked this post about Chastity and this post called Waiting for Tobias.  In the first post, she says of her beloved:

“I love him. I haven’t met him yet, but I love him. And I want to be the woman he deserves.”

She concludes the Waiting for Tobias post with this:  “Our time will come, single ladies.”

—6 — Twitter:  I actually like Twitter and have “met” some great people.  I can’t tell if I like it more than Facebook.  What I do not like about Twitter is the time sink.  I just weaned myself off of Facebook during Lent and now I have this other thing waiting to devour my soul.  Ha ha.  A little dramatic, yes.

— 7 — Father Greg Shaffer:  A couple of weeks ago I promised you a photo of the DC Hood basketball team (made up of priests and seminarians).  Here they are! Aren’t they Holy and handsome!

DC Hood

God love and bless you!

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6 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 28

    • Hi! Father Greg was at our parish several years ago (maybe as a Seminarian). But now I am more familiar with the other players on The DC Hood. That is wonderful that he is your priest! I am also in the Archdiocese of Washington but live in Maryland.

  1. I clicked on the Duggar link because I just love that family! They are doing something right to have kids who are so pleasant and apparently so happy. If they were not sincerely happy it would be coming out in rebellion by now, but it isn’t. I was hoping to hear more about courtship on the video and was surprised to hear them talking about dating. I’ll have to look deeper into their family philosophy on dating/courtship! But when the dating video was over my computer went right into a video showing a tour of the boys’ bedroom. I love it, and that “secret exit” to the play room is a kids’ dream!

    Have any of you tried to follow a kind of courtship, or do you know someone who successfully has?

    • I have been asked about courtship before and have some thoughts on it. I will have to write a post about it! Thank you for your comment, Sharon. I have added you to my prayer list! Cindy

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