7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 24

— 1 —  This week’s post:  For all those who have dated Mr. Almost Right, this week’s post is for you!  As Marianne Dashwood said in Sense and SensibilityBut Not Enough  May you be blessed!

— 2 — The Journey Home:  Okay, okay.  I have a slight addition.  But, it is a good addiction!  I am hooked on Marcus Grodi’s The Journey Home.  This week I watched David and Kirsten MacDonald tell their journey home story and I was riveted to the TV!  The part that really stuck with me was when David said that he had indulged in all the worldly pleasures yet found that none of them could satisfy him.  And, that the more he indulged, the more of that indulgence was needed to feed his addiction.  Here is the link to The Journey Home episode with David and Kirsten.

He and Kirsten met late in life but they looked as young and vibrant as a couple could be. The story of how they met is great and did I mention that they are converts to the Catholic Church!?!  Now, they are building bridges between Catholics and Protestants.  They run an apologetic apostolate where they reach out and respond to Protestants who want to know more about Catholicism.   Here is their website and here is their facebook page.  Please go give them some hugs!

— 3 — Lapsed Catholics Lured Home?:  So, we have all these amazing converts to Catholicism who humbly enter the Church by seeking after truth. On the flip side, you have the lapsed Catholics (LC’s) interviewed in this article from NBC news.  Somehow the LC’s think that Pope Francis is going to come in and make the changes they think need to be made (blessing contraception, homosexuality, women priests).  Then and only then will they grace us with their presence at Mass.  Sigh.

— 4 — Spotlight on:  This week’s spotlight is on Brother-and-soon-to-be-Father Matthew P. Schneider.  I noticed him because he now follows me on Twitter. 🙂  I have several Priest following me on Twitter which is really exciting to me.  Anyway, when I went to his blog, 22nd Century Catholicism, this is what I found:

“…If the Catholic Church does not improve its youth ministry today, by the 22nd century it will only be a shell of what it is today. On the other hand, if we create dynamic youth ministry today, the 22nd century could be the Catholic century. This is a blog about youth ministry, fully Catholic youth ministry. The goal is not just to provide games to fill up your youth ministry program. Instead this blog strives to be a repository for ideas that transform youth ministry…”

You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.  Please go encourage him in his important ministry! 

— 5 — Evangelization is like dating:  I think I know how a guy feels when he wants to ask a girl out.  He wants to but he is afraid of being rejected and humiliated because she might think he is a fool.  I want to evangelize but I am afraid of being rejected and humiliated because I look like a fool who needs God.

— 6 — Computer Issue:  Our computer started acting up last night.  I thought we had a nifty program that backed up our data daily.  But, it appears that may not be true.  Soooo….I may have lost my book in the crash.  I have put this in the Lord’s hands and have been relatively calm about it (well, for an Italian/Irish girl).  All I really care about is our son’s baby photos.  Losing them would break my heart.  Gregg is on a mission to fix it and I have confidence in him.  Thy will be done, Thy will be done, Lord.

— 7 — A Flash of Mental Energy:  St Augustine wrote:

“….”We did not make ourselves, we were made by Him who abides for eternity” (Ps 100[99],3.5) – if after this declaration we were to keep silence, having directed our ears to Him that made them, then He alone would speak not through them but through Himself. We would hear His word, not through the tongue of flesh, nor through the voice of an angel, nor through the sound of thunder (Ex 19,16), nor through the obscurity of a symbolic utterance. Him whom in these things we love we would hear in person without their mediation… and in a flash of mental energy attain the eternal wisdom which abides beyond all things… Is not this the meaning of: “Enter into the joy of your Lord”? (Mt 25,21)….”

God love and bless you!

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For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!  Congratulations on your new baby boy, Jennifer!  We are praying for him!

One thought on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 24

  1. Computer issues are so frustrating! At
    least you’re having a good attitude about it! Have you heard of Dropbox? It’s a nifty way to store stuff and access it from sever different computers! I recently added several of our pictures for extra peace of mind. I love your evangelization/dating analogy!

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