Repost ~ Are You A Priority Or Just An Option?

This Chastity ministry is very rewarding.  I love seeing girls who have written to me in the past go on to find love with men who are good to them and treat them as a priority.  I love corresponding with girls who stumble across my blog after placing “how to get a man to chase you after you have slept with him” in their search engine. To give you an idea of the searches which direct people to my blog, here is a listing from the last 7 days:


Search terms


It is hard for me to tell girls that this control they desire will fail them.  I often encourage them to ask themselves the question:  Are you are priority or just an option?


Today’s Saturday Repost is from January 2014.  Are You A Priority Or Just An Option?

I pray, as written in the Song of Solomon, that your beloved is as much yours as you are his.

God love you and bless you!

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2 thoughts on “Repost ~ Are You A Priority Or Just An Option?

  1. I remember when I first found this blog it was so encouraging to me. I recently got engaged and just think about how far I have come while dating to now and many of the blogs I read really encouraged me 🙂

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