7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 104

— 1 —  This Week’s Post:    You Don’t Have To Be An Open Book!

— 2 —  Next Week’s Post:  Hmmmmm….

— 3 —  Not Alone Series:   The girls are on a break until January.  I will miss them!

— 4 —   Spotlight On:  Have you heard of The Nika Gals, Emmy and Rosy?  And how about those beautiful names, Emmy and Rosy?  Also, you must go read about them and the meaning behind the name, Nika.  I was introduced to them via their post called The List.  You can follow them on Facebook here!

— 5 —  Healing Mass:  I went to a Healing Mass last night.  Boy was I ready!  I was filled with so much HOPE after receiving Jesus in the Eucharist and then being prayed over.  The laying on of hands.  The cross made on my forehead by the holy hands of the priest.  It was exactly what this girl needed.  I did not get to go to confession because there was a person in the confessional…..almost…the…whole…time (I don’t think the priest knew that we were all waiting).  When I came home and told this to Gregg, our son said with sadness, “Boy that person must have felt really terrible about their sins.”  I just love it when I encounter these marathon confessions.  It means that the Sacrament is being taken seriously by both the priest and the human soul in the confessional.  It means that the soul is being brought back home and that some major healing is going on.

— 6 —    Healing During Advent:  After going to the healing Mass, I realized that I am in need of so much change.  What you ask? Ha!  Where to start is a better question. I want to become a patient and kind, organized Minimalist.  I want to rid myself of my attachments.  I want to be free so that I can glorify God by my life. Gregg always gets concerned when I start speaking this way.  ha ha. Pray for me please, that I will be gracious and kind in my pursuit of becoming gracious and kind.

“Contentment is acquired through great resolution & diligence in conquering unruly desires; hence it is an art which few study “

  7 — Emotional Virtue/Sarah Swafford:  I have decided the talk I mentioned last week which I will be giving to girls on January 2nd will be about Emotional Virtue (ala Sarah Swafford).    You can pre-order her book, Emotional Virtue: A Guide to Drama-Free Relationships, here! I ordered 36 books because when you order in bulk they are only $2 each! Maybe I will have a give-away contest in January when they arrive. 🙂

God love and bless you!

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 104

  1. I can relate. I’ve been to a healing Mass, so profound! So inspiring! And how sweet is your son? Realizing and understanding someone’s pain. What a dear!

    As for minimizing… Such a challenge. Everything I own is in my 700 sq ft condo and the trunk of my car. (And a few things at moms house that she has probably already gotten rid of! ). But, oh, how many times I have moved things! I have toys that I’m saving for my (non existent) children. And I’m well over 40! Sorry kids! And other items I’ve held onto for when I have a house (which could only come with a husband!)
    I know it’s dreams I’m holding onto and I’m scared of what letting go entirely might do to me. That’s hard.

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