Guest Post ~ Praying Through The Clouds


“I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is being reported all over the world. God, whom I serve with my whole heart in preaching the gospel of his Son, is my witness how constantly I remember you in my prayers at all times.” Rom. 1:8-12

I have been praying for Anjelina for over a year.  I added her to my prayer list after she commented on a post in August 2013.  To my great delight, she recently wrote to me and this gave me the ability to add more depth to the name written on the page of my Divine Mercy Chaplet prayer list.  Little did we both know of the timing of that note.

She has a wonderful meditation for all of us about disappointment and sorrow, hope and healing. 

Anjelina recently started her own blog and you can read more about her at Random Ramblings.  Thank you, Anjelina and I look forward to reading more from you! 


“Sometimes things happen in our lives that tear us apart inside, but
if we don’t learn to look past them and see the sun shining above the
clouds, we will forever be standing in the rain.

Hi readers,
First of all am I thankful for the opportunity to be a guest blogger. I’ve really prayed about this post and will write what comes to mind.

My name is Anjelina. I’m not sure who to attribute this wise quote to, but these words are related to my post. Whether it was a break-up, a loss of a loved one or rejection from a job you really wanted, we’ve all experienced that painful feeling of loneliness and sadness.

Nearly two years ago I went through a painful break-up and still am recovering from the hurt. Thankfully the author of our lives along with the help of our Blessed Mother have been working in my life in amazing ways. I’d like you to know even at your lowest God is always with you; He can love us like no other.

A few days ago I felt the strong urge to e-mail The Veil for prayers. I knew I was struggling with my singleness and doing God’s will, but I didn’t fully understand why I wrote about needing prayers. No more than ten minutes later I found out through Facebook my former date was in a new relationship. Now, you might say, ouchies that hurts. Well, you’d be right. The hurt resurfaced and I felt all those emotions all over again.

Here is where God comes into play. I knew someone was praying for me right then which gave me strength. If it weren’t for discovering the news, I wouldn’t be writing this post or have been moved to begin blogging about my life experiences. I truly believe God knows when to reveal things to us because He writes the best stories and knows when we can handle it.

I’m still human and at times feel those raw emotions, however knowing I have a community of prayerful ladies who support each other is comforting.  I have gained strength through the rosary and friends. I’m learning when I don’t want to pray the rosary is the best time to do so. Reflecting on the mysteries is like a refreshing drink of cold water. My mind is refocused and I am ready to take on another day.

I pray this entry has helped someone who may be hurting or feels far from God. Come to Him and he will heal your heart and bring you peace. Know you are in my prayers.



God love and bless you!

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