7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 102

— 1 —  This Week’s Post:     Oh My Parents! I hope this post provided helpful perspective!   

— 2 —  Next Week’s Post:  Hmmmmm….

— 3 —  Not Alone Series:   This week’s NAS topic was Prayer!  The girls did a great job this week and the photos they shared are beautiful.  Check them out!

— 4 —   Spotlight On: What did you think of this article?  Why I Want To Skip The Confusing “Talking” Phase and Find Out What He Really Wants

— 5 —  The Humanum Series:  Did you see this article about The Destiny of Humanity:  On the Meaning of Marriage?  Here is the video Part 1 of 6:  

— 6 —     3 Keys:  This was a good article:   3 Keys to Save your Future Marriage.  I agree with all the keys with the exception of the 3rd key listed in the article. It says that marriage is ‘extremely difficult’ but I think it is all about perspective.  Being single is, to me, much, much harder.

  7 —  Finally Free:  This weekend is the first in many, many weekends since August that we have nothing planned other than Mass and a trip to the grocery store.  We had to work today and it is cold in our house.  So, instead of finishing up this remaining Quick Take, I think I will get under a blanket.  Brrrrrr.  I have received a number of emails this week from you beautiful girls and I look forward to catching up tomorrow morning after a good night’s rest.

God love and bless you!

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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 102

  1. Whew, I just came back to check the fallout here. I thought I might have been skewered by now! Thank you all for extending me grace.

    I will add, that it did occur to me that if he’s talking about 20 something’s without direction, that’s entirely different from a middle aged biddy like myself, who has tried every possible direction, and all have come up short. And now I feel like I have no purpose or direction, because not having children or a husband to serve, I’ve served everyone else I could find, and oddly, that only leaves one alone and unappreciated.

  2. #6 I have to say, I found Everett’s column rather condescending. I mean, wow, his single friends are living lives with no purpose or direction? That’s a pretty harsh statement.
    Makes me wish there were a magic pill to allow fortunately married Catholics to see what their hearts and lives would look like if they had never found their spouse or had their kids. (Think of Ebenizer Scrooge! See your life as it could have been)They like to think they would happily accept God’s will, but they have no concept of the pain of not realizing the life they were called to.
    I’ve never seen marriage as my default vocation. It’s always been the only call. Religious life was never an option. Perhaps I was wrong not to discern it seriously, but it was clearly not a fit for me.
    I firmly believe the single life is NOT a vocation. That’s a new construct iin response to the vast numbers of unmarried faithful Catholics – someone is trying to placate us by suddenly calling it a vocation.
    Extended singleness is a challenge, a test. There are countless modern day Jobs in the form of single faithful Catholics. You’re called to marriage but no marriage is available. And the experience of trying to find that person in today’s culture is an obstacle course of torture. ( Never mind not having the blessing of children! )
    For what end, I’ll only know when I see the face of God. Sure hope it makes sense then.
    Meanwhile, a bit more compassion is in order than from the likes of Everett.
    Cindy, thank you for your real compassion.
    Sorry for the book!

    • Thank you for your comment, TRS! I agree. Everett married his high school sweetheart and has 3 children….he has noooo concept of the difficulty of extended singleness and being childless. No concept of the challenge of chastity when it is extended into the 2nd and 3rd or even 4th decade of life. And, that this challenge is thrust upon you. It is not something you choose such as in the case of a religious vocation. My prayers are with you. Love, Cindy

    • TRS thanks for writing the ‘book’ – I completely agree – and haven’t even read the articles that Cindy quoted in the piece!!! You’re not alone in your thoughts (or your extended singleness)!

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