7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 94

— 1 —  This Week’s Post:  This Week’s News  Chastity may be the answer to domestic violence. What do you think?

— 2 —  Next Week’s Post:  Is Romantic Love a Decision?  I have heard many times that love is a Decision.  I wonder if, instead, we should say that Love is Sacrifice.  I will share my thoughts on this. 

— 3 —  Not Alone Series:   This week’s NAS topic was Online Dating Dos and Don’ts!  Great insights from the girls so check them out!

 — 4 — Spotlight On:  As you must know by now,  Jen and Morgan were on TV!! I watched their part of the episode several times.  My favorite part was when Morgan said, “Where is he?!” and this is my favorite photo of these beautiful girls:



— 5 —   Best Compliment Ever: I was emailing with a reader this week and I had a big smile on my face when I read this:

“I mean this as a total compliment: you use the same kind of language as my late grandmother, and she was the most sensible person who trusted God the most of anyone I’ve ever known!

— 6 —    Modesty Helps Women Be Friends:  Have you heard about Church Pop? Their post, Modesty Helps Women Be Friends aligns with my Superabundance theory. Brantly Millegan, a Catholic convert, is the Founder and Editor of ChurchPOP. You can learn more about him on his personal website.

— 7 —  Spotlight On:  I want to spotlight another blogger but I want to wait until I have her permission.  So this is a placeholder!

God love and bless you!

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