7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 81

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:  Antonio and Maria  This guest post, written by my Mom, recounted the story of how my Grandparents met! It may have appeared to you that my Grandmother was forced to marry my Grandfather.  But, I hope this comment will clear that up and provide a broader perspective:

“I think what it highlighted to me is that women have had some sort of suffering
to deal with in every generation. Our generation is suffering from non-committal men and the over-sexualization of the human person. My grandmother had to deal with not having complete say so in her life. She wanted to go to school and we take that for granted. In the end, whatever our suffering is, we can depend upon the Lord to be with us, that He knows about it ahead of time and that He has somehow permitted it for His glory.”

— 2 —    Jen:  I am having lunch with the amazing Jen from Jumping in Puddles this morning!!  #so excited!

—3 —    Meg:  Meg from Held By His Pierced Hands is staying at our house this week! She is helping the camp counselors at our Parish’s Summer Camp get spiritually ready with daily Theology classes!  If you remember, I wrote about this Summer Camp program last year.  This year, the camp has 270 children attending each week and 65 camp counselors! #ourcupisoverflowing

— 4 —   Girl’s Movie Night:  12 or so of those wonderful Summer camp counselors will be descending upon our house tonight for Girl’s Movie Night!  Please pray that my house stays clean while I am having fun with Jen today!!:)

— 5 —    Not Alone Series: The girls are on Summer break but they are planning to do a Book Club.  Head on over to their Facebook page to join them!  Looks like some great reading!

— 6 —    Spotlight On: This week’s spotlight is on Saint Raphael Arnaiz Baron (1911-1938), a Spanish Trappist monk:
I sought for truth and did not find it; I sought for charity and only found in men some sparks which did not satisfy my eager heart; I sought for peace and saw that there is no peace on earth. The illusion passed, peacefully, without making me aware of it. It was the Lord who permitted me to be mistaken in order to bring me to him. He made me see, and now how happy I am! “What are you looking for among men,” he says to me. “What are you seeking for in the earthly life which is your pilgrimage? What is the peace you want?” How good the Lord is… Now I see clearly that true peace is in God, real charity in Jesus, that Christ is the sole truth…Now that you have given me light to see and understand, give me, Lord, a very, very large heart to love these people who are your children, my brothers, in whom my overwhelming pride sees failings while, on the other hand, I don’t see them in myself! If you have given to the least of these others, what have you given to me? All things you dispose well. My soul deplores its old ways and habits, it no longer looks for perfection in others and it no longer grieves because it can’t find anywhere “to rest its head” (Mt 8,20). It now has everything. You, my God, are what fills my soul; you are my delight, my peace, my tranquillity. You, Lord, are my refuge, my fortress, life, light, comfort, my one truth and my sole love. I am happy; I have it all!

— 7 —  Audrey Assad:  Have you heard her latest, Death Be Not Proud?  Enjoy!

God love and bless you!

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