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I am taking a little break from blogging this week to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.  My brother is hosting the festivities this year and we have much to be thankful for, including a clean bill of health for both of my sisters who have been through cancer treatments over the last couple of years. 

And, although we suddenly lost our Dad 5 years ago, we still have our amazing Mom whose physical energy and mental competence puts my own to shame.  When Gregg describes my Mom, he does so with two words:  Mental Toughness

I am also thankful for you, my dear Readers.  I have received the most amazing notes of encouragement from my readers recently.  For example:

Hi Cindy 

I have been following your blog for some months now and often get goose bumps or cry when reading some of your posts! Thank you for touching people’s lives – even those in faraway South Africa! I recently turned 30 and along with many of my friends, am still single. This topic comes up fairly often in conversation and I feel like I can now provide fresh and meaningful advice to my single friends using stories and quotes from your blog that have helped me, so thank you. 🙂 It still amazes me that technology enables us to “meet” people through the internet who discuss such issues.   

This is a bit of a long shot but I was hoping you would perhaps be able to help me. I am planning on visiting the USA for the first time next year (Easter timeframe) and one of the things I would like to do is go on a retreat while I am there. As I mentioned, I live in South Africa and Catholic retreat centres are very scarce. 😦 Google searches return a plethora of options and not being familiar with any places in your country I have no idea how to choose! I was wondering if I could ask for your advice to provide some pointers please. 

Many thanks,

A Reader In South Africa

Help A Reader

Will you please provide recommendations (either in the comments or by email to me) for Retreat Centers in the U.S?  She is open to visit anywhere in the U.S and her plan is to be here around Easter 2014. 

Oh, wouldn’t it be wonderful if she visited one or several of you while she was here?  I will open up my home to host her here in Maryland if she would like, although I am not ‘in’ on all the cool retreats for young Catholic women.  Please, please share your recommendations!!

Thank you again, my sweet girls.  May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of Love from family, friends and our Lord.

Be assured of my continued prayers for you.  God love and bless you, Cindy

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