7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 48

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:   Sexual Attraction!  What can you expect?  Does our idea of sexual attractiveness change over time and if so, how?  Do you have a question about a certain guy in your life? Does he have great character yet not exactly meet your physical ideal?  Are you wondering if you should trade-off some less important aspects (stature, earning potential, receding hairline) in order to be married?  Write to me and I will be happy to chat with you about it!

— 2 —   Next week’s post:  Should a girl pursue a guy?  I know I am arriving late to the party on this topic but I do want to share my thoughts. And Gregg’s thoughts. Some things may surprise you….

  3 — Not Alone Series:  This week’s topic was about NFP.  This week has been so crazy for me and therefore I did not get to read the girl’s posts until Wednesday night.  I brought the Kindle Fire to bed with me and sat and read each post.  All of them were excellent but when I got to Laura’s post on Catholic Cravings, I busted out laughing at the graphic she used to describe the pre-menstrual phases.  Gregg was like oh yes, that is so true.  Especially the dragon!”  The best part was that as I am reading Laura’s post, I got an email from her indicating she “liked” my post this week. How is that for timing?  Anyway, go check her out here!  Great job, Laura!

— 4 — NFP: We have used it throughout our marriage to conceive and it worked at least 3 times.  Other than while I was pregnant with our son, we have not had to abstain.  So, that is one benefit of marrying later, I guess! 🙂 I do wish I would have become more familiar with it before we were married, although I am not sure it would have made a difference in the number of children we conceived.  What I found fascinating is the exactness of it.  It revealed to me a greater order of things and a beauty to our design as women. 

— 5 —  Spotlight onEmily Stimpson is amazing!  I just love her and everything she writes.  Did you see her article, Is Pope Francis Talking To Me? 

“….That’s not going to be a comfortable path. It’s going to take a whole lot of poking and prodding to keep me on it. That’s what Francis seems to be trying to do, poking and prodding, keeping all of us—faithful and unfaithful—from getting too comfortable. I’m not going to say to No to that prodding. Like it or not, I need it….”

— 6 —   Book Reviews:  I am working on several book reviews.  Here is what happens to me:  I get a book.  I read the book at night and I quickly fall asleep.  It takes me what seems like forever to get through a simple book.  Here are the books I am reading and will be doing book reviews on in the future:

a.  Worthy ~  By Amanda Mortus  (done)

b.  Real Men Don’t Text ~ By Ruthie and Michael Dean (almost done)

c.  These Beautiful Bones ~ By Emily Stimpson (When it finally arrives. It is on back order!)

 — 7 — The Imitation of Christ:  The only way to Life and True Inner Peace.

“Everything is founded on the cross… There is no other way to life, nor to true inner peace… Walk where you will, seek what you will; you will find neither a loftier way above nor a safer way below, but only the way of the holy cross.”

God love and bless you!

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