7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 39

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:  The World’s Way ~ A Guest Post    Wonderful insight!  Thank you so much to the author for sharing her heart and her wisdom!

— 2 —  Meg Hunter-Kilmer:  As promised, I am reporting back on Meg’s visit with us this week!  She had a great time at our Parish Summer Camp and of course she made tons of new friends.  She participated in our Jane Austen Movie night (see QT #3) and she gave several talks to the Camp Instructors during the daily “Theology Class.” (Yes, isn’t it amazing that they have a one-hour daily theology class?)  Anyway, one of Meg’s talks was on “Discernment” and I just loved what she said about it:

“Instead of seeking after your vocation, seek after God.”    Meg Hunter-Kilmer

 — 3 —  Jane Austen Movie Night:  Gregg and I hosted about 15 High School and College age girls for a Jane Austen movie night a couple of weeks ago.  Since Pride and Prejudice is over 5 hours long, the girls returned this week to finish up the movie.  At first, the girls did not like Mr. Darcy.  But, they all clapped and cheered at the end of the movie. One girl said that the movie proved to her that she should ‘raise her standards with guys”  Music to my ears!

— 4 — Woman In Love:  I gave each of the girls at the movie night a copy of Katie Hartfiel’s book, Woman In Love.  It was cute because I had already given one of the girls the book earlier this month for her birthday.  She was reading it at work (the Summer Camp) and one of the more popular college guys took a peek at the book and began to read it out loud.  He declared that he wanted a copy!  When the girls heard this story at movie night, they couldn’t wait to have their own book.  In fact, they started reading it out loud to each other right there on the spot! 🙂

— 5 —  Pray for A Teen Girl:  Before we started Pride and Prejudice this week, I passed around a notebook and told the girls that if they wanted to jot down their name, I would add them to my Divine Mercy Chaplet prayer list.  Their sweet young faces seemed to light up at the idea!  They all added their names and one girl even added her Mom’s name to the list.  What a joy I will have praying for them!

If you meet a High School or College-age girl, ask her if you can pray for her.  And then do it.  Even if you are only a couple of years older than she is, she will appreciate being singled out for prayer.

These girls are navigating some tough waters and they get a lot of lectures and (often necessary) correction.  Sometimes, however, they just need someone to encourage them and pray for them.  I feel so privileged to have these girls and all of you who visit this blog in my Motherly heart and on my Divine Mercy Chaplet prayer list.

— 6 — Spotlight On: This week’s spotlight is on Leticia Adams from The Ramblings of a Crazy Face blog.  She doesn’t post a lot but when she does it is always good.  This post really was especially good.  Here is the (ouch!!) quote that got me: 

 “You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image,” ………“when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.”

 — 7 — Guest Post:  I am so happy to announce that my bloggy friend, Morgan from Follow and Believe will be my guest poster this week!  Keep an eye out for her post this Monday, July 29th! 

God love and bless you!

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