7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 37

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:  There Is No Formula!  Oh, how I wish there was a formula!  But there is isn’t. However, we are not left to our own devices.  Stay tuned for future posts where we explore the mystery of God.

— 2 —  Modesty Discovered:  <—  This guest post was reblogged by L.I.F.T this week!  L.I.F.T (Living In Faith Together) is a Young Adult Ministry in the Diocese of St. Augustine, FL serving those 18-39 in all stages of life; married or single, with or without children.  This ministry is based on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church but all are welcomed to attend.  Their goal is to form a community among young adults through spiritual formation, service and social events.  Some activities include faith sharing, adoration, retreats, praise and worship, etc.

I have no idea how L.I.F.T found out about this guest post but Praise God that they did!

— 3 — Furlough:  Anyone out there aware of the government furlough?  Our furlough started this week and for the next 11 weeks Gregg and I will have 1 unpaid day per week.  It is a very clever and targeted income tax, wouldn’t you say?  Oh well, there are worse things that could happen to us!  And since we are furloughed every Friday, we are making the best of it including……Jane Austen movie night!

— 4 —  Jane Austen Movie Night:  Gregg and I hosted a ‘Girl’s Night” for 15 high school and college girls from our parish Summer Camp last night.  We watched Pride and Prejudice, ate pizza and cookies.  What a wonderful group of girls!  I would post a photo of these lovely girls but I forgot to obtain their permission.  They are coming back next week so hopefully I will remember to ask!

— 5 —  Spotlight On: Audrey Assad!  Have you downloaded her new free songs yet?  Check out this link for her song “Good To Me”  which I fell in love with right away:  http://noisetrade.com/audreyassad/good-to-me

— 6 — Not Alone Series: This week’s topic was Despair and VocationsBritt from Proverbial Girlfriend wrote something that I can easily relate to.  I felt the same despair over the thought of my vocation not including Motherhood.  This was definitely a painful thought for me as a single girl.  Here is what Britt wrote:

“I do despair. The issue that freaks me out the most—to the point where I really have to consciously control myself so I don’t blow up at friends or potential dates—is never becoming a mom. Motherhood is the vocation I despair never having. Marrying late is one thing—I know a handful of women who have and they are very happy—but only one managed to birth children. I fear that if I marry late, my mom won’t be around (or around, but not aware) by the time I might become a mom. ….I fear that I will have problems or miscarry. The fears are so deep, that I get anxious, and when I get anxious, I tend to do drastic things and want to inappropriately speed up the process or mentally give up entirely. Both of those feelings fluctuate from day to day.”

— 7  The Action Bible:  Our son loves this bible!  It is in comic book style writing but it still gets the stories across in a somewhat reverent way.  I mean, the bible is kind of…action-packed and even violent at times, right?  I highly recommend it.

The action bible

God love and bless you!

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 37

  1. Hi! Thanks for the post-back. I spoke with a trusted adviser about God’s plan, and she said the uncomfy truth that God can give us desires, and yet not fulfill them. So I suppose instead of praying “Let it be Your will I have kids,” ask God “Let me be able to laugh with You when I realize what the picture of life You had for em really is.”

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