7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 27

— 1 —   This Week’s Post:  It is about the all-too-common problem of Fantasy Relationships.  May you be blessed!

— 2 —  Our Son’s First Holy Communion:  Is tomorrow!  We have invited over 70 people to our house to celebrate. Yay and Yikes! We are only expecting about half to join us but our goal was to make this a big deal…..because it is!  I was planning on keeping it low-key but Gregg was like “Oh, we need to celebrate big time and invite our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers!”  Gregg is so awesome.  Some of the folks we invited are fallen away Catholics so I am excited to see the Lord work through the celebration of such an important Sacrament.  Come Home everyone!  Jesus is waiting for you at Mass where Heaven meets Earth!

— 3 —  My Lord:  As we were driving home yesterday, our son said, “Two more days and I get to receive my Lord!”  He is so excited about his First Holy Communion.  That little sentence made his entire tuition to Catholic schools worth every penny.

— 4 —  Where Heaven Meets Earth: Restoring the Sacred:  Did you watch this special on EWTN this week?? Wow!  The Sacred Mass is a glimpse of Heaven and we should treat it as such.  Go give Father Cook and the folks at Story Tell Foundation some love!  Here is a teaser:

“A Glimpse of Heaven”

Father Cook quickly set out on a mission to restore the sacred at St. Peters. He began celebrating parts of the mass in Latin, which he included in both Spanish and English masses. In all that he did, he sought to reestablish the mystery, awe and wonder of God, and did so by bringing reverence and sacred music to the ceremonies, traditions and liturgy of the Catholic Faith both in the sanctuary and in the community as well. So the masses, the sacred music, and traditions like the Corpus Christi procession demonstrate what the Cook is trying to do is to give people, in his own words, “A glimpse of heaven.”

— 5 —  Spotlight on: This week the spotlight is on Anthony from the Evangelical to Catholic blog.  First, Anthony is a wonderful guy and in this article he shares the story of his conversion to Catholicism.  But, but, but!  He also shares a little bit about his courtship with is soon-to-be-wife (June 1st), Jackie.  I invited Anthony and Jackie to do a guest post and I pray that they do (once they are settled into married life, of course.)  In the meantime, go, go go read his post!  I think their story is such an inspiration for single folks.

—6 —  CCD Teacher Moment:  Gregg and I were shopping in a new grocery store last week and an employee walked up to me and said, “Hey, you used to teach me CCD!”  Turns out this young man (now 23 years old) was a student in my 7th Grade CCD class about 11 years ago.  He was sort of a troubled kid (he admitted this) and had even been in jail as an adult. But, he was so happy to see me!

So, you know me, I said, “So, how is your relationship with the Lord?”  He said it was ‘just alright.’ Then, I said, “Are you living a Sacramental life?’  He isn’t.  But, he wanted to talk to Gregg and me about the Lord and getting back to Mass!  And, going to Confession!! He was searching and hungry.  He asked us to bring him books and he felt really inspired to get on the right path.  He has little children (not married) and I think he realizes his need for God and a life of Grace.

This was a very moving and emotional moment for me.  I taught for about 10 years (about 200 students) and virtually all of them are now adults.  I often wonder how they are all doing.  Do they love the Lord and are the living a Sacramental life? Do they remember what I taught them about Chastity? Even though this young man was (admittedly) away from God, it proved to me that God chases all of us.  What a privilege for me to plant seeds in the lives of all those children. Praise Him!

— 7 — Liebster Award:  Sweet Amanda from the Worthy of Agape blog nominated me for the Liebster Award.  I was nominated by another blogger a couple of months ago and was surprised to be nominated again.  My plan is post the response to my Liebster Award nomination on May 14th.  Why May 14th you ask?  Well, that is the day Amanda’s book, Worthy, will be published and available.  If you cannot wait until May 14th, you can pre-order your copy.  Thank you, Amanda! Please go congratulate her and give her a big hug!

God love and bless you!

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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 27

  1. That is such a sweet story about running into an old student of yours! I often wonder what has happened to the kids I taught religious education to, and to the teens who have come through my youth groups! It is so humbling that God lets us plant seeds and then helps them grow over time =)

    Thanks for the sweet shout-out and for posting your response on May 14th! I can hardly wait!

  2. How exciting for your family this weekend! Hearing about kids’ excitement for their First Communion reminds me how excited I was when it was me, and how I counted my Second Communion, and my Third, and my Fourth…it’s such a good reminder to me that even so many years later, I should still be approaching the altar with that kind of joy.

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