7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 25

— 1 —  This Week’s Post:  Find out what happened with Mr. Almost Right in this week’s post: But Not Enough ~ Continued!  May you be blessed!

— 2 —  Father Greg Shaffer:  If his name sounds familiar then that is a good thing!  He is the priest from George Washington University who is being accused of being a Catholic priest with Catholic beliefs that line up perfectly with the Catechism!  However, two gay students are “mobilizing to have him removed.”  Damian Legacy and Blake Bergen, say they have left the Newman Center in the last several years because “Father Greg Shaffer’s strong anti-gay and anti-abortion views are too polarizing.”  Here are some of the quotes from the University paper:

“….but when you see the faces of the people you’re turning away, you see the people who say ‘Oh, I would go to church all the time, but I don’t like Father Greg.’ …..”

“….And while Legacy said he is now more comfortable with both his sexuality and his religion, and has since become an ordained priest in the Old Catholic Church in October….”

Soooo Damian is now a gay priest in the Old Catholic Church.  What the heck is the Old Catholic Church, I thought?  Oh, of course. Schism.

Please go here and support Father Shaffer!!

–3–  Father Greg Shaffer:  Will be at our Church tonight!  A few years ago Father Greg Shaffer started a basketball team of priests and seminarians called DC ‘Hood (as in priest-HOOD) that would offer to play parish teams in order to promote vocations and show another side of parish priests. The team has been a huge success playing at a variety of parishes in the Archdiocese of Washington. At each game there is a talk at halftime where a priest or religious sister talks to the young people present (as well as their parents) about their call. Although the ‘HOOD doesn’t always win (but actually does most of the time), it’s always a great event for families and the promotion of vocations.  My family went last year and we plan to go tonight.  I will try my best to get a picture of Father Shaffer for next week’s 7QTs!

–4–  Sunday’s Mass Readings:  Weren’t they beautiful! Acts of the Apostles Chapter 5 “We must obey God rather than men.”  “They left rejoicing that they had been found worthy to suffer dishonor for the sake of the name (of Christ).”  Revelation Chapter 5  “Worthy is the Lamb to receive power and riches, wisdom and strength, honor and glory and blessing”  John Chapter 21 “It is the Lord!!”  “Even though there were so many (fish) the net was not torn.” (I read that the fact that the net was not torn was an indication that the Church must remain schism-free. One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church) 

–5–Spotlight on:  Morgan from Follow and Believe wrote a post called “You Are Just Fine.” In it she shares the difficulties of being single when everyone else seems to be getting married and people often ask her when she is getting married.  I loved this part of her post:   “You are not broken. You are not lost. You are not left behind.”

She gave me a sweet shout out too. 🙂 Thank you, Morgan.  You are more than just fine!  And, oh my goodness, you are so, so, so young!!  I look forward to following your journey!

–6– The Journey Home:  This week’s The Best of The Journey Home episode was with Dr. Thomas Howard and his wife Lovelace.  Dr. Thomas Howard was raised in a prominent Evangelical home.  His sister is well-known author and former missionary Elisabeth Elliot.  Dr. Howard became Episcopalian in his mid-twenties and then entered the Catholic Church in 1985 at the age of fifty.  I could not find the YouTube video of the episode but boy is he smart! And Lovelace is wonderful!

I remember reading his books back in the 90’s, including “Evangelical is Not Enough” and “On Being Catholic.”  I highly recommend these books for those of you who are feeling sleepy about your Catholic faith.  As a convert, he shows us what we sometimes take for granted about being Catholic.

I met Elisabeth Elliot back in the 90’s when she was a speaker at a Catholic Charismatic Renewal Conference.  I followed her around until I was able to say hello and thank her.  She was, as expected, extremely gracious.  Her book, Passion and Purity was a life line for me and many other girls.

–7–  Our Computer:  Remember last week I shared that our computer had something wrong with it?  Well, it was a serious problem.  But, Gregg somehow fixed the computer and recovered all my files (including my book) and all our photos.  I am happy to report that I did not hyperventilate (very much) during the repair job and I fulfilled my role as the trusting wife.  I think it is because I have confidence in Gregg.  It is also because I know full well what my house would look like if I were still single.  There would be stacks and stacks of computers because I would have no idea how to fix them!

      Stacks of Computers   Thank  you, Gregg!


God love and bless you!

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For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!  Congratulations on your new baby boy, Jennifer!  We are praying for him!

2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 25

  1. #2

    So torn… Looking at Church teachings, we’re actually so tolerate and loving. As I explained to a love one, ‘anal sex is the sin, just as it would be for heterosexual couples’. That the friendship in of itself is not sinful. Do you want to me to explain to my children, that anal sex is a normal expression of loving another person? The older children were grossed out when they found out you make a baby, but the conjugal act! They pressed me, and I wasn’t going to lie.

    • Hi Renee. Friendship is fine but when there is sexual tension (which cannot lead to marriage and babies), the friendship should be discouraged for the sake of the soul. This is true for for anyone, not just SSA. Thank you for visiting. I like your blog! Cindy

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