7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 21

— 1 —

This week’s post:   The idea of writing a post specifically for Teens has been on my mind for a while.  Recently, several parents have asked me what I think is the best approach for reaching teens with the wisdom and power of Chastity.  I believe Teens are a tough crowd because they lack perspective (not their fault).  I imagine that whatever I say will be met with skepticism because they have not yet experienced enough of life to be able to apply the message.   

I fear they will look at me and think I know not of what I speak because I have not been a teenager for quite some time.  I am easily old enough to be their mother. I think they would have a hard time relating to me and honestly, I might have a hard time relating to them.  The pressures today seem much more intense than when I was a teen.   

But, one thing I believe is that because of the way God designed us, the longings of the human heart stay constant.  In the same way, Satan’s ‘bag of tricks’ contains nothing new.  Although his tricks may be better supported by today’s culture, they still amount to the same old, same old (doubt, envy, need for attention and affection, body image distortion, immodesty, pride). 

If you are a Teen or a Mom with a Teen, please let me know what you think.  Here is the post:  Dear Teenage Girl  

— 2 —

Pope FrancisPope Francis:  Wow, I thought I was a minimalistPope Francis takes the bus, cooks his own food and insists on living in a modest dwelling.  He even washes and kisses the feet of AIDS patients!

In a word, he seems detached from the world and all its trappings of power, comfort and prestige.  I don’t think Pope Francis is going to be easily pushed around.  I mean, what method would one possibly use to try to persuade him to go against his conscience?  You can’t take away his car.  He takes the bus!

I am trying not to go overboard on the ‘Pope love’ because honestly I don’t know much about him.  The Holy Spirit picked him and that is good enough for me.  But, so far, I see so much potential.  He is already shaking up the definition of social justice and extracting the misplaced liberal theology that has infected some segments of Catholic teaching.  I can see him infusing the truths of marriage, life and the Priesthood into their proper place and zapping any notion that equality and charity can be confused with same-sex marriage, contraception, abortion and women/married priests.

I also think that Materialism, Instant Gratification and their sister Relativism are shaking in their boots.  

Bravo, Holy Spirit, bravo!

— 3 —

Maura Byrne:  Speaking of Teens, our county will be having their County Youth Day this weekend!  Our guest speaker is Maura Byrnes from Made In His Image.  I am very excited!  I will report back next week!

— 4 —

Spotlight On: This week’s “Spotlight On” segment features 2 bloggers!  The first is Regina (affectionately known as Number 9) from Catholic Alcoholic blog.  I just loved this blog post 

The second is Sarah Babbs from Fumbling Toward Grace.  She wrote an amazing article called “ Undoing Our Addictions During Lent”.  And this post which made me cry.

 — 5 —

Sunday’s Gospel:  As we stood for the Gospel last Sunday, a boy about the age of 6 reached his arms up to his Dad and his Father picked him up.  The boy wrapped his arms around his Dad’s neck and snuggled into his Dad’s neck.  Yes, the boy was a little old for it but my immediate thought was, “Oh someday that Father will long for these days because that boy may become the prodigal son.” 

Then I thought of my own parents and how they had to deal with my time away from my Catholic faith.  My haughty attitude must have been excruciating for them to put up with as I declared that I had “become a Christian” and had been “saved.”  (ugh) The truth was that I was away from home just like the son in the parable.  I was lost and needed to be found.

That was a long time ago but because I am now a parent, the pain and betrayal that they must have felt is very real to me.

I am so sorry, Mom and Dad.  Thank you for the gift of the deposit of Faith and for your faithful prayers.

 — 6 —

Fr Larry SwinkThe Eucharist:  I went to the best talk tonight on the Eucharist given by Father Larry Swink!  Wow, just Wow!   He was passionate about the fact that the Eucharist is Jesus and therefore we should change as a result of receiving Jesus.  Amen!

He guaranteed us parents that if our children received the Eucharist every week then the moral evils awaiting them in this world will flee from them.  Awesome!

 — 7 —

Gungor:  Did you read about Gungor, the Evangelical Protestant musician, this week?  He was performing at a Catholic Youth Festival in Louisiana and witnessed Eucharistic Adoration for the first time.  You can read about his experience here and here!  These are the quotes the everyone was talking about:

“Honestly, it made me want to be Catholic again…..It was Heaven crashing into earth.”

Many young Catholic on-fire-for-the-Lord-and-His-Church bloggers reached out to Gungor and invited him to continue on his journey to the fullness of the Faith. And Gungor responded graciously to their invitation to discuss our faith over a beer. I even reached out to Gungor on twitter and thought I was super cool.  But, you young Catholics are so far ahead of where I was at your age.  You are amazing.  Thank you!

Rise Up Young Church!

God love and bless you!

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For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!  We are praying for you and your little baby, Jennifer!

10 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 21

  1. Thank you so much for spotlighting me! Yay! I loved your 7 Quick Takes. How cool about that guy who experienced Adoration. That gave me goose bumps! And thank you for sharing what you learned that if our children receive the Eucharist every week they will be protected! That really gives me so much comfort.

  2. Love your quick takes!!! I have been asking Sean each Friday his 7 “take aways” from the week… He doesn’t know I stole the idea from you!! Great conversation after the kids are in bed!! I have been meaning to share that with you. 🙂

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