Not Quite Ready

  Apologize I am sorry 

Dear Sweet Chastity Girls,

    I am so sorry but I am not quite ready with this week’s post.  I have it in draft form but was not able to dedicate time this week to get it to the point where I felt it was publishable. 

    Lots of stress at work with the impending fiscal cliff left me feeling drained by the time we get home.  And, I have been feeling the need to attend to my home life a little more this week because my family needed some extra love and attention.  I have just not been able to wrap my head around completing this week’s topic to the point where I am satisfied. 

 I find you very attractive Speaking of this week’s topic, it was supposed to be Myth #5 Attraction Is Physical.  Based on your letters to me, this myth is one that is badly in need of busting!  Because I struggled with this concept so much as a single girl, I want to put my heart into the final post…. which will be posted next week.

  Thank you so very much for your understanding!  You all remain in my prayers.  God love and bless you!

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