7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 11

NOTE:  Please join me in praying for our 7QTs host, Jennifer Fulwiler, and her son.  She is in the hospital due to a complication of her pregnancy.  We love you, Jennifer!  Thank you Hallie Lord for hosting this week’s 7QTs.

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This Week’s Mythbuster: Myth #3  There Is Something Wrong With Me

I pray my post blesses you in your walk with the Lord and convinces you that there is nothing wrong with you!

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Meg Hunter-Kilmer:  Our Church hosted an all-night event for our youth last Friday night filled with fun, Eucharistic Adoration, Mass, basketball, movies and spiritual talks.  Meg Hunter-Kilmer was our guest speaker and she was awesome! 

After Mass on Sunday, my Pastor literally pulled me aside to hug and thank me for bringing Meg to our church.  He and our Youth Minister said that her talk on Eucharistic Adoration was the best they have ever heard!!

So, here is my unabashed plug!!!  Go to Meg’s blog and find out how you can get her to come to your church, school, University, wherever.  What she has to say is relevant for all ages but I think her gift of talking to the youth and young adults is straight from The Holy Spirit. 

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Truth Beauty Persuasion  Meg H-K Details:  Last week I promised to share with you about my time with Meg.  In addition to being beautiful and smart (Notre Dame Grad, hello!) , she is totally in love with Jesus.  And, her love for Him is contagious!  Her audience at our church ranged from 6th grade youth to college age young adults.  That is a pretty wide target.  But, she was able to capture their interest.  I thought the Q&A session was going to go on for hours! 

Sure, some of the younger girls in the audience giggled and pretended to act like what they were hearing was unimportant.  But, I felt certain that Meg’s words, her message and the way she delivered her message was unlike anything they have ever heard.  Her message was more than just “God loves you!”  Meg encouraged them to be honest with God in prayer and that He can take it if they were not all perfectly pious. I felt sure that everyone there was inspired and persuaded to seek a deeper relationship and dependency on our Lord.  Mission mega accomplished!

Meg’s first talk was on The New Evangelization and she shared with the audience ways to evangelize.  It was neat how she showed them that it was a ‘given’ that we, as Catholics, are to evangelize.  It is part of our mission.  She shared how one football player decided to go to Eucharistic Adoration every Friday night at 10:00pm.  If he was at a party, he would get ready to leave and casually share where he was going with others. Then, he would invite them.  And, these friends went.  He brought others to Jesus.  We can to.

I missed Meg’s second talk because I am unable to stay up past midnight.  But, it was on Eucharistic Adoration and I have already shared with you what my Pastor said.  Amazing!  Oh, and our Youth Minister has already planned for Meg to come back….on a regular basis!

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More M H-K Details:  Meg went out to dinner with my family and me before the event.  She is so easy to be around and get to know.  I guess if you are going to live on the terms she has committed to (pretty much out of her car) you have to be able to handle any situation.  For example, my almost 8 year-old went a little ‘ketchup crazy’ and squirted some into his eye.  Our girl Meg jumped right into E.M.T role while I, his Mother, fumble the emergency ball.  He was fine but she definitely is ready for anything. She also graciously played more games of Tick-Tack-Toe with him then she needed to. She spent some time with us the next morning at our house (to take a nap following the all-night event.)  We now have a friend for life.  Thank you, Meg!

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Finally The BrideFinally The BrideI read this book by Cheryl McKay.  It was really good.  She was single until she was 39 years old and her book chronicles her struggles.  I will be doing a book review in the future.  Thank you to the follower who recommended this book!

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Come and See Catholic Bible Study:  I watched Doug Keck’s show Bookmark featuring Laurie Manhardt.  She talked of the Catholic Bible Study series called Come and See.”  I have been looking for an Old Testament Catholic study and can’t wait to dive into these!  They have series for both the Old and New Testament.  I ordered the Isaiah, Moses, David and Wisdom studies from Amazon.  They were about $14 each. Bargain! 

— 7 —

St. Ignatius of Antioch, Martyr of the Catholic Church

St. Ignatius of Antioch, Martyr of the Catholic Church

St. Ignatius of Antioch:  In his Epistle to the Romans, 7, in the Year 110 A.D. wrote this about our Sacred Eucharist:

“I desire the Bread of God, the heavenly Bread, the Bread of Life, which is the flesh of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who became afterwards of the seed of David and Abraham; I wish the drink of God, namely His blood, which is incorruptible love and eternal life.”

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