7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 6

 — 1 —

Myth #1 Busted:  This week’s post is the first of 7 explaining the Myths That Singles Must Resist.  I pray it blesses you in your walk with the Lord!

— 2 —

Next Week’s Guest Post:  Guest blogger Amanda from worthyofAgape.com will share her gorgeous ‘God chases all of us’ story.  Have your tissues ready!

— 3 —

Health:  I have been sick since the day before Thanksgiving and finally went to the doctors on Monday.   Thank you, God for the blessing of antibiotics and Inhaler medication.

Antibiotics: My grandmother died at a young age of pneumonia because antibiotics were not readily available at the time.  So, I have a deep respect and appreciation for the availability of this medication.  I also feel passionate about (that is code for when someone has “issues”) the inevitable Superbug that we are creating with the over use of the medicine and hand soaps/sanitizers. 

— 4 —

Solemnity of Christ The King:  Because I was sick, I did not attend Mass Sunday, The Solemnity of Christ The King.  My husband, of course, went to Mass and when he came home his wool dress coat smelled divine from the beautiful incense at Mass.  Ahhhhh………

— 5 —

Dr. Alice von Hildebrand
She looks very sweet but she is a firecracker! Love her!

Alice von Hildebrand:  Being ill this week has given me the opportunity to research one of my favorite people, Alice von Hildebrand. Since I was home alone, I watched this entire one-hour video without interruption!   Here are some highlights, some of which come during the Q&A at the end:

  • As a result of the Fall of Man, the relationship between our body and our soul is in constant tension.  Our struggle is to find harmony and the only way to do this is through Christ.
  • Because Man revolted against God, the body started to revolt against the soul.  Now, the body no longer obeys the dictates of the soul.
  • Marriages are going to pieces and collapsing because unless there is harmony between our body and our soul, it is almost impossible for us to properly relate to the opposite sex.
  • Addiction is when you find that you are deprived of your freedom.
  • “The main goal of education is to train a child to achieve victory over pleasure” Plato
  • The most important virtue is Reverence which is a response to what is noble.  The response is a feeling of trembling awe.  Learn reverence and simultaneously you will be a happier human being because it is beautiful.
  • The dignity of the mystery of the female body.
  • If you want to change the world, change yourself.
  • Protest abortion with a spirit of sorrow.

— 6 —

Sweet Marcus Grodi

Leah Darrow and The Journey Home: After watching this episode of The Journey Home, I am now a huge fan of Leah Darrow.  I had heard of her but never knew her story.  Wow!  Very, very powerful and beautiful conversion from the lies of the world to the Truth of Chastity. 

Oh, and is Marcus Grodi the sweetest Man ever or what?  When Leah shows her beautiful tears of remorse, he went to a special commercial break in order to get her some tissues. 

— 7 —

Wisdom:  Dorothy Cummings blogs over at Seraphic Singles and she wrote the book, “The Closet’s All Mine.”  She had a very wise blog post explaining why it is never wise for the female to say “I Love You” first.  Here are some highlights: 

“…it is more important than ever for men to travel uninterrupted through the great adventure called Winning the Girl…” 

“…I think it very important for a boy, especially one who generally acts like he owns the universe, to have to take the big huge risk of laying his heart before a woman, not being quite sure if she will pick it up, or just give it back, or even stomp on it. This kind of action makes a boy into a man, no matter what happens….”

 “…And it is awful for a man to be 100% sure a woman thinks she loves him when he isn’t sure if he loves her. His natural reaction is very likely to be running away and pondering things in his cave, like Grendel. There he thinks thinks like “How badly do I want to get married?” and “Do I really want to get married?” and “Do I perhaps have a vocation to the priesthood instead?” and “Does love feel like this?” and “Why am I sweating like a pig?”  How tragic if all he needed was just some time….”

 “…Above all, don’t tell a guy you love him just to make him say “I love you.” Tempting, very tempting, but a bad idea in the long run….”

My Summary:  If a guy does not tell you he loves you, then assuming he doesn’t is a safe and wise assumption.  If he does, then what would prevent him from telling you?  Oh, yes, it is risky.  Is he waiting for you to say it first?  Trouble, trouble!

The Veil:  The One that God intends for you to marry will love you, will tell you that he loves you and he will be willing to take the risk of saying it first.

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7 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Vol 6

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Hopefully my post won’t be that much of a tear-jerker, but who knows! All for His glory 🙂
    I LOVE Leah Darrow’s story, and have been following her for some time, she is a wonderful witness!
    And I couldn’t agree more…always let the guy say “I love you” first, that was the BEST piece of advice I ever got – and it came from a guy who I had a HUGE crush on in high school. So, so true!

  2. I love Dorothy’s quote that professing his love makes a boy into a man! So true, and it’s so beautiful to approach love with a spirit of humble vulnerability. I wonder, though, if the issue of “needing some time” is not just exclusive to men. When my husband and I started dating, I had such peace and certainty early on that he was the one. He did say “I love you” first, but having been in a relationship with a very false sense of love prior to meeting him, I was reluctant to say it right back until I was sure of it. I knew, though, that I would fall in love with him, and that we would have a true understanding of sacrificial, virtuous love; in our case, though, it was me who needed time. That being said, though I agree that there are certain things I really prefer a man to do in a relationship, the more I grew in friendship and partnership with my husband, the more I realize that certain aspects of dating, such as who pays and who drives, aren’t as set in stone as I’d originally thought. When both people are blessed with awareness that they’re meant to be, I think that certain conventions fall away, while still clearly and beautifully emphasizing the fact that we are distinctly created male and female. Just my two cents =)

    Have a good weekend, Cindy!

    • Hi Stephanie! Thank you for visiting and for your comment. I have been following your beautiful blog for some time so I am honored to see you here! 🙂 Yes, I agree that once the relationship is established, certain conventions do become more flexible. I also agree with you that needing more time is not exclusive to women. My husband said it first and I felt a little overwhelmed by it….in a good way. I guess I was feeling like “oh, boy, this is it!” LOL Thanks again and God bless you, Cindy

  3. I love Dr. Von Hildebrand’s book on the Privilege of Being a Woman, Cindy. I’ll go check out her video. Thanks. But man that incense smell gets my daughter sneezing though.

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